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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Just wanted to say

'Not operating in the natural'

I expect the unexpected
because it is all grace...

I expect the best of God
I expect the supernatural

Have a wonderful Christmas

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sigh of relief
I am good with God again as in fellowship

Trying to make sure it's something
i cultivate and not just something
i'll do and forget about it

I have a prayer partner now
so even when i don't feel like
i get pushed

So i am stirring myself up more
I intend to take it up a hundred
i need to do the stretch worship

and fellwoship
it wakes up my spirit
and i know i am not like the ordinary man
who doesn't know Jesus

No discrimination
But if you try Jesus
You'll know what the hype is all about

When i got the high
I knew nothing else would ever beat that

The presence of God

I value the Holy Ghost inside me
I am so thankful
I just don't say thank you enough

Here goes:

Thank you Jesus for coming to live inside me
You are the best thing that ever happened to me

The day i got saved and...
...the day i got baptized with the Holy Ghost
is still like a dream

J.U.S.T got to grow!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I have seen every reason not to believe
read many things
I know the pros and the cons
I make my choices fully knowledgeable
of the excesses and the benefits

I still choose God...
He must have believed in me
So i believe in me too

I also believe in His plan
and it is good!

Even if i stand alone
I'll still believe.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

A new me!

I didn't think i was strong enough
I tried to hear Him
but i knew something was wrong because
i was trying

I doubt Adam or Enoch, Noah or Abraham
found it difficult to hear Him
They just heard
because they knew He spoke with them regularly

I have the women i confide in and trust
I asked them what to do
I was instructed
My 'p' said i needed mid wives
so instead of praying to hear
I began asking for mid wives

and He is sending them...

Thank you Jesus
I can overcome anything
Because I am born of God
unstoppable and indestructible

You can't stop me
because He has given me the speed of Elijah
divine speed
and the favour of Esther.

Friday, 29 July 2011

This is me...

Today is my friend and colleague Monica's husband's birthday...
So the office is 'abuzz'
Our office administrator said something really funny
He said, "God will help us in this office" in this really funny accent
It was something his son said (He cooked a meal where there was no meat so the young man, he was about three or four at the time. He kept repeating these words every three minutes).

There is something about the help of God
It is different from the help of man
Psalm 46 says "God is our refuge and strength
a very present help in trouble"
The New Testament says that the Holy Ghost is our helper and standby

Recognizing the help of God is a different matter from taking advantage of God's help
This lady on Facebook yesterday said something profound, she said "When you get into a
relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, you withdraw from self-help and depend on the
help of God, God wants to take care of you".

There is this song we used to sing in college a lot, it went like this:
"God will take good care of you, God will take good care of you,
God will take good care of you, yes He will, yes He will".

Some people sang it at a time when nothing was wrong, others sang it at a time when
they were caught in the storms of life, some in the midst of fire. One thing that remained
even with changing seasons was the unchanging nature of God.

He still takes care of His children

Sunday, 24 July 2011

My camp meeting experience!

The feverish praise and worship during the "Arise" it was like the presence of God
moved us to praise Him greatly, it was indeed awesome! Destinies were changed.

Camp meeting was awesome!
There were all sorts of ministrations
of word, music, dance, drama
we were blessed and edified...

Declaring that we are the light of the World

Friday, 22 July 2011

My thots back in the days...

“Integrity is possession of firm principles, completeness and wholeness. There is nothing that is so admired as a man with integrity who would not compromise his principles. O! To be a man of integrity! I would die happy knowing I have lived right walking the footsteps of my predecessors before me”

-          Me
I got this from a blog post I wrote on July 14, 2008 and this picture of me is beautiful, I mean the pictures the words I wrote paint. I don’t know if I have improved so much from then and it worries me. I wanna be better, I want to improve for Christ, I feel like I have been so hung up on other people I have forgotten to ‘become’.
Christ, help me ‘become,’ you say in your word that as many as believe in you, you give the power to become the sons of God. Help me become what you have called me to be Lord.

This one makes me laugh:

“Seek to know why people become heroes whether of faith or of nations, it is usually because they have given or not because of what they have collected with grasping hands”

20 July 2011
I am proud of who I am today

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Your daughter!

Your daughter
She's crazy...

Before i yack, yack yack
Lord i will like to say
'Thank you for journey mercies'
I traveled to Benin for a cousin's wedding
1st day: I spent the whole night on the road,
my sis was worried crazy, i wasn't crazy me,
all i kept thinking was that God did not tell me that
i would die on a road trip or be attacked by armed robbers
so that was not my concern

Day 2 & 3:
I had lots of fun.

Day 4:
Pissed i had to go back to the real world!
Travelled back i came with my precious bro
there we were (2 of us only in the bus, was worried about the traffic situation)
and i was wondering when we would leave the park today since the Lagos-Benin rd was bad
out of nowhere comes another bus, and we add up complete the
second bus and off we are to Lagos in just 10 mins (God always has another plan and
can't be limited)

I compare it with arriving ten mins earlier and seeing the bus
we were supposed to enter leaving thinking we would have to wait
another 2 hrs and then stopping my thoughts and giving God room...

All i can say is 'i am glad you got my steps ordered...'

Okay, yarning matters I think i am the only crazy girl on the planet
Everyone believes in que sera, sera. I don't, i believe God is in control of every part of my life
Everyone believes in things just happen I don't, i believe God is in control of everything
and it works for me so far

Don't accept FATE, work on your FAITH

I apologize but i don't apologise, i refuse to think like everyone else I will think like me Everything is possible with God.He's the one i stand with so my life is gonna be full of wonders definitely. I'll just let my self go and keep reprogramming with God's word...

I live the glory-life, it's my destiny
can't be ordinary. tell me i am boasting, i don't care i was birthed by God and he doesn't expect me to be ordinary every part of my life is under his divine influence was created to be different, born (birthed by God) to win always

See what i mean, i am crazy and absolutely cool with that, i believe the invisible (my friends be always complaining) If i didn't change my thinking for them, who would i do it for?

I live for Him first and foremost before you start bring your human reasoning into it
I am not of the world, i am a supernatural being and i take it seriously

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Learnt about the integrity of God's word...
God's word never fails
Cos it's been tested that's why.

There is a reason why folks say:
Who said it?
When people tell them stuff that is difficult to believe
It's because they want to know how trustworthy
the said person is

God promised Abraham so much
and then He swore by himself because
There was nothing greater
he's a good God and a sovereign one at that

have you ever check the meaning of the word sovereign
I checked 'infallible' today

It means guaranteed to never fail...

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Still writing: About absolutes

It is because i learnt about absolutes that i even agreed to give my life to Christ
Who has heard any crazy as trying to make sure God was trustworthy
Well that was what i did.

I held out and heard and heard and heard, till i decided that probably this God was
worth trying out
All the while i was following, i kept thinking, 'I hope He does not turn out to be like
all these human beings who just don't bloody really care'

I got to know God and everyday was a quest and the preacher said, 'If you really
want to know God, you can't get tired of searching His word'.

Immediately i received the Holy Ghost and got over the shock of not being able to
explain everything, i was so big about the Holy Ghost but the preacher was big
about THE WORD.
I was convinced about the Holy Spirit because i experienced Him practically every
meeting, but the word, i was not sure i had come across Him yet, i was not
convinced, neither was i fully persuaded, i need convincing, i really do!

Well, long and short of the story, the very first two absolutes i came across were:

'I love you with an everlasting love'
'Draw near unto me and i will draw nigh unto me' 

If it sounded like scripture in the ears of everyone else, for me, it sounded like drums
It sounded like an angel was screaming down my ears these words...

The very next absolute came to me in the early hours of the morning before my
prayer time, i woke up muttering:

"The letter killeth but the spirit gives LIFE (Zoe)"

And so i got addicted to the Holy Ghost, will be back tomorrow to talk about the
Holy Spirit and more on absolutes

Sunday, 26 June 2011


He is the God of absolutes
Before i was born again
I thoughts grey areas and sitting on the fence
was what it was all about

Just keep it on the safe side
walk carefully so you don't fall on any of the sides
I found Jesus
and discovered the importance of absolute

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Excited in my bones...

Working on a magazine
with teenagers
I think i am more excited than they are
To see the finished product

People are funny
They never mean what they say
It's funny really
The real world

I am going to stamp my aura on it
I refuse to bow to the system
I'll make a mark, that's my way

Jesus still amazes me, He always astounded His enemies
I can do the same but only by the power of the Holy Ghost
Else i become religious

I won't be having that so
so long...

I think that will be all for today

Friday, 3 June 2011

The first!

Okay, this is my first post.

I am an excellent writer and i am also a very organized person.
I am also a good publicist even though i may come across as
quiet, i can be very driven with the right incentives!

I have many skills i would love to develop and you only develop
your skills by using.


Here i go