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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Major random...i think it worked sha!

I think my blog is boring so i went to atilola's blog and stole something she stole off another person, here goes:
Questions from MSTIZZLE
  1. A world without laughter or a world without music? It would never happen, i work with music, i sleep with music on, the only time i put off the music is when i want to pray 
  2. What did you never taste, assumed you won’t like but eventually did? Semovita, i knew i would hate banku before i tasted it and i was proved right, no offence to the ghanians on here.
  3. If you won Ten thousand pounds tonight, what would you do with it? Invest. Write a retirement plan, then start living my dream. Now all i do is work!
  4. Who/what made you start blogging? I can't remember her alias but she had 100+ followers and she kept them entertained by blogging every other day, interesting stuff though.
  5. What’s the first mobile phone you had?3310, my dad's old phone and it was a globacom line.
  6. What’s your idea of the perfect date? It will vary, comfort matter more than anything else though.
  7. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done this year? I haven't done anything crazy yet. I have to make sure KBT is not right about me
  8. What 2 quotes/words of wisdom have made the greatest impact on your life? "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Young Lady, have faith in God. The first is from proverbs, the second is from a dream, a very prophetic dream that turned my life around
  9. Fame or Fortune i.e broke celeb or rich and-you-are? i might choose fame or fortune, it doesn't really matter because imma have both, without trying too hard, i got favour on my side
  10. What’s your love language? Truth
  11. If fruits described us, what would you be? Orange, bright inside, could be acidic, calm on the surface

Questions from Rhapsody Phoenix:
  1. Do you love yourself inside out, outside in? (If yes move to question 5)
    I do
    (What? I have no choice, where are the other questions)

    5. What things do you do for yourself that enriches and nourishes your being? Read, write, i think a lot, its 2nd nature. Daydream (yeah, i do, i dream of what my life can be).

    6How do you hold yourself accountable for your poor decisions? I write out new plans and start disciplining myself afresh, which is why i am always constantly developing myself.

    7. Are you able to forgive yourself your humanness and move forward without beating up yourself and getting stuck in the, what should have been, if only I had? I used to be terribly melancholic, the spirit of God has tempered my perfection spirit, now i ask for the spirit of God's help and i try not to take myself seriously all the time

    8. How do you celebrate you, your uniqueness and authenticity? Loud about it, in-your-face, i-dont-care-what-you-think....i think it might be mildly annoying but it is so much better than being a people pleaser.

    9. How do you stay motivated, hopeful and faithful to you, your thoughts, beliefs and ideals? The word of God is my drive

    10. If you were your own parent what would be the one thing you would teach yourself? 
    I would be more assertive and pushy, sometimes i need a push, but i would always affirm rather than use the old-fashioned way of bullying
    1. If you are doing that which you wish you had learnt earlier how do you plan to pass the  lessons on to another person who may be stuck where you were? I am very closed up, but if you can read between the lines and listen when i talk, and i hardly talk, you will learn a lot.
    2. If you are not doing it, Why aren’t you? I am on a regimen to discipline myself anew, i need it if i intend to succeed
    3. How do you plan to implement it into your daily life? I wrote down a 3 month plan and i try to stick to the time table i have set for myself. When i am on a roll, i can do 2 weeks work in a day and then do nothing for 8 days then i have to hurry to catch you up.

    10. Are you being true to your inner self or are you busy pleasing everybody else? I make sure i don't please others at the expense of my destiny and i have new coaches when it concerns my destiny and how to get there and make the best of all that God has gifted me with. 
    • If you are not being true to self, how’s that working for you? 
    • Are you happy? I am in a good place, my soul feels happy with what i am doing presently
    • How do you define happiness? Happiness is fulfilling purpose.
    • I can't define it fully but i am coming back to that place where i trust what God is saying...

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