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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Explosive morning...

The pharisees gather
I have the arsenal to hurt them in my keeping
But I am discreet
I will not be using info to play a game that God is not in

So much was said
A lot was not faith

But God showed up at the end
and the prayers were in faith
what is God saying?
I don't know but I know that I am doing right

some still suffer from not having the teaching of righteousness
instead of learning, they fight the teaching
people perish from lack of knowledge
no be lie!

Can I really boast about anything?
God picked me and He did me good and I won't deny what He did for anyone
Not for any bully
I can't be bullied anyway
I just act as if I can
the kingdom rules keep me in check
but I could fight dirty, I simply choose not to.

I got into secondary school three years ahead of time
I couldn't be bullied, it won't start now.
I was actually even a bully in primary school, led my own pack
I don't move in packs anymore, I now move with the Holy Ghost

It makes some people mad but that is their problem.

Feel free to live your life devoid of 'life'if you choose to
You can't control everything because you are not the God of the universe
but you can partner with Him to do good
If you do bad, you will reap what you sow

God put the checks and balances in place for a reason
Maybe it was for people like you
He put them in place for man because the flesh is evil and has nothing good in it
But the Spirit
It is all-good.


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