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Friday, 5 April 2013

My day 2 'nano'

It's been a short day
So much to do, the time couldn't get away from me
Been moving from one interesting thing to the other
Finally maximizing time, I had forgotten that it was possible
To enjoy work so much, you want to work even when you are home

Lord I pray, bless the gifts of my hand so that it will make room for me
and I will finally make those millions I have been dreaming of
I thank you for idea's

It is possible. I know the terrain looks rough and many people
expect to not find water but I thank you because water will find me
No matter where I dig, water will seek because I am Abraham's seed

Water will locate me no matter where I am
Any time I dig (euphemism for seeking what God has put in me)
It will cause me to make increase in Jesus name amen.

Today is done
Tomorrow the seeking continues
I will fulfill my purpose and not another's
I was born for it so I won't struggle
I will just enter into it because I am perfectly made to do what I was created to
Even when I falter, I will lift my head and my eyes and my hands and i will reach
for what God is giving...
Water will find me.

The power of the mind
(Talk about something and its out!)

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