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Thursday, 13 February 2014


I started blogging
And promptly forgot about what I was blogging about
I am doing the NakedConvos competition
Just submitted my entry, I pray I get picked
I really want to participate

Now about what I was supposed to be blogging about
Have you heard of. #NNPCGiveusourdollars ?
Hmmm I guess not
I love causes
I love to believe that change can happen
If not in our time, then in our children's time
Lord have mercy on us
I believe we have to fight for it

Not physically of course
Being seeing all day everywhere 'people will treat you in the way that you allow them to'
Looking at it in the Nigerian context
Our government will misbehave as long as we allow them get away with it
So our call is NNPC
I commit to retweeting it at least once a day as long as it constantly trends.

Maybe a couple of governmental officials will grow a conscience or get tired of the publicity
And decide to do something for Nigeria.

That's it.

To participate just search @omojuwa s TL
Then search these hashtags

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