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Friday, 14 March 2014

God's got me!

God has a divine influence on my heart. His divine influence is always upon my life. I can always see his hand working in all the areas of my life and family (nuclear and extended). His hand isn't too short to protect. He's shown me a thousand times.

So long as I'm obeying the instructions of the Holy Spirit, and I am rightly positioned, He is able to do what He desires.

Favour attracts enemies
The God who brought the favour planned for the enemies also. He will see His desire on them
So will I.

I am safe in the bubble
I am safe in God's divine will
Protected and preserved

I serve the God who rules in the affairs of men and he is ruling on my behalf
My own is to do what He says and just watch the grand things happen and give Him the glory for it all.

Things are happening very quickly
Opportunities on all sides
Businesses are growing supernaturally
The supernatural is operating in the areas God has sent it for
Good, good things abound

The enemy is subdued.

'I am walking in the spirit'
I am manifesting the fruit of the Spirit
With the help of the Holy Ghost
All I see is glory
The glory of God on the earth
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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Dream big! It's worth it.

I have sometimes found it difficult to dream
Cos I used to see a black hole
Cos I once confided that I couldn't see tomorrow
What does tomorrow look like?
What should it look like?
That was just till I discovered the solution

When all you see is this world
Hmmm, it is a very narrow view you're using
You should be seeing like the eagle, seeing 360 degrees.
Train your eye to look for God
The bible says His eye is running to and fro the earth to see who He can be strong on their behalf
I'm not physically strong, not very tall or fat so it is easy for me to trust in God's own strength

I don't dream as easily as I used to
But I guess that's expected cos I shifted my focus away
Going back to the basics about God
He is who He says He is.
I'm going to trust Him more

When you ask me now, 'What do I see?'
I know no fear
I know it is an important time and question
Because faith speaks and we have what we say
At least I have what I say
Because my spirit is alive to God
And he recognises me as a priest and a king to Him
I also recognise myself as a priest and a king to God
So I'm bridling my tongue
And learning the ways of God
I speak knowing how God operates and what He has provided for
I am conscious of my heavenly citizenship
I am a citizen of Zion, the angels are conscious of it too
So I conduct myself as a daughter of the king.
I am a daughter of the king
God's prized possession
A kingdom representative whom God places high value on
I speak only the way I know God will speak

How do I know how God will speak
I am reading my bible daily
Not for do's and don't's but so I would learn God's way

Happy New Month
Favourable March for me and mine
How about you?
What are you going to say?

He will take your word for it
His angels too.

Tessa Doghor

She is one of the leading Social Media Managers in Nigeria with the ability to foresee trends and build on it before it becomes commonplace. She is intelligent and strategic. She is also an amazing writer. To get in touch mail her at

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