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Friday, 2 May 2014

For the fulfilment of dreams & visions, you need to be 'selfless'

I'm in a GTBank hall
Somewhere in Lagos

I thought I knew the meaning
Of the word 'selfless'
I don't
I'm learning all over again

Sounds boring
It's the stuff that births greatness

That's who I am
At least that is what God promised me
He said, "I will make you great"
He said it to Abram who's now Abraham
And Gal 3:29 says I am a partaker too
Because I am a part of the seed of Abraham (Christ)
I am in Him

That's one of the redemptive rights
Been studying great men, of old and in my time
And they were all

Like I said, I thought I knew the meaning of the word
But I'm discovering it all over again and I choose
To be 'selfless'
It's a key to my journey
Who God wants me to be
I'm grateful for all my trainers
I pray God blesses them all

(Not calling any names but God has sent me people sha and I'm a learner)

I also started writing a novel finally. You can find me at
I put up a new chapter every week, enjoy!

Tessa Doghor

She is one of the leading Social Media Managers in Nigeria with the ability to foresee trends and build on it before it becomes commonplace. She is intelligent and strategic. She is also an amazing writer. To get in touch mail her at

Have a lovely weekend too.
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