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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Is this a rant? No It is a mix of so and so.

I am tired of the arguments of ignorants who don't know better. I am tired of the fetishes of people who want to be something they don't yet understand. I am tired of being misunderstood.

To explain walking and living in the Spirit, read this.

Faith is a journey but some things are basics.
To hear from Smith Wigglesworth about faith, read here, here and here.

Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God who causes arguments from all and sundry because truth be told, the unbelieving would rather the church be powerless or at least explainable. Everything that isn't explainable is heresy. Ask anyone to describe heresy and the greatest definition I have for heresy is blind hatred. Joan of Arc, the disciples and other notable Christians who aren't in world would best explain this.

I thought I would keep quiet but I won't. Show me your faith by your actions, not just your words and not words and actions contradicting each other. 

You can hear the word for 30 years even 40 and the action you take subconsciously will point to you what you believe if you are conscious of them.
I am not perfect, I have never claimed to be but I have come to the gathering of just men made perfect and I don't have to prove it to anyone. 

The fact that I am a woman does not make me inferior and will never make me inferior or silent either. No one has the right to tell me how to worship my God, or pray or a rote to follow. The bible says we are to worship in Spirit and in truth and I am not living in the north that I should be afraid of worshipping the Lord neither am I living under the law that I should be living to please any human being above God.

Is it still a rant?
Nah, it is a mix of so and so. I used to be fetish but I stopped being fetish with a bang when I surrendered to Jesus. I didn't do it to join a social club either. I came into the gathering of those who are sanctified. I have an inheritance with them who are sanctified; the saints. When I say saints, I am not refering to a church denomination, I am not limited by that. I am refering to the people, them who know the Lord.

I lost my voice for so long that I don't intend losing it to anyone for any reason.

"Milk and honey are in my lips"
"Out of my belly shall flow rivers of living water"

If I am silent, how do I get anything done on earth? How do I exercise dominion? God has made it clear that nothing should stop me from the destination that He has planned for me and that He is not standing in my way. In fact, He is my prompter, He is the One leading the way. How is it possible for me to know the coordinates to get to the place of  destiny without the Holy Ghost leading me?

I laugh. 
This is why I laugh. I wonder how others find their way without God. The intellect of man, our intelligence is a terrible master when we have an enemy who is not subject to the wisdom of this world. How do you best satan with your intelligence. The wisdom of God can and does best satan all the time. 

The point of this rant/post is that I will not lose my voice and I have a scripture that is backing. If any be strong enough. I don't ask you to come against me, No I am not strong on my own. I ask you to come against the word of God that is backing me and see if you can prevail. Many pharaohs have come and gone. There is no pharaoh that can prevail over me because I am not fulfilling my own vision. Thank God I could not conjure a vision on my own. All the years of waiting culminated in a great trust for God. He is the giver of the vision and the fulfiller of the vision. 

"The Lord is my light and my salvation, WHOM shall I fear?"

Here is the word that backs me. If you can strike it out of the bible, then you can come against me. But if you can't. If you have submitted to live under the word of God, then you can't come against me and if you do, good luck besting God.


Will you accept Verse 29 without accepting Verse 27 & 28?

Remember you can't pick some parts of the bible to obey and leave some other parts out.

The Holy Ghost has said that the devil and his minions are not a factor so I must manage the other covenant relationship He has put me in. As long as it is the right place.

I need to stop somewhere...

Other resources from Smith Wigglesworth except you believe that Wigglesworth is not a Christian too?

Faith being an action here
The main thing is not healing but preach the kingdom of God and His righteousness here
I don't why healing causes so much controversy and encounters so much opposition from many who claim to believe. It beats me.
I am intoxicated by the Holy Ghost, I will never deny Him here
My inheritance: The Holy Spirit is the One who helps you claim your inheritance here
I used to hear the heritage of the sons in my spirit but it appeared to be audible, I heard it countless times until it drove me to read and to search until I found what the Holy Ghost wanted to show me. 
I heard Jehovah Mekoddishkem about a 1000 times or more over three weeks, it was frustrating. At the time I worked in a church, I asked everyone and no one could tell me what it meant. That was when I was lazy. Now I just get out a concordance and a bible and I start studying. Not every time they must feed you cerelac. Sometimes you need to cook the food. I eventually discovered that it means: "I am the One who sanctifies you" so don't be surprised that I don't lose my confidence or get scared. Imagine hearing one word almost a thousand times over three weeks.

Read full of faith here.

So I have been troubled in my spirit for 3 days. I couldn't rest until I wrote out this word. Now I can have peace again.

I am not a pastor and I don't want to be. I honor pastors but the position holds too many controversies for me to ever covet the position of a pastor.

I have been called selfish but I don't believe that I am. If you have received the Holy Ghost and been taught of Him and pursued a relationship with Him you will know that having the ear of God and having God's attention is more important than having a position.

Having a relationship with the Holy Ghost makes that position effective though. 

I will continue after or might not but I know that enough is out.

Anchor Scripture for September: My season of restoration. #Thankful #Blessed #DaughterofGod

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