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Thursday, 30 October 2014

I am a blogher 'Social Media Influencer' and October ends with a blast! (Not bomb o!) You know what I mean

Yay! I am a blogher social media influencer. Look at the tag on the right corner of my blog and I am so proud of that achievement. Blogher finally noticed me. One Big Win! (I got another one).

I applied to be a part of their network in January and I got rejected. I was hurt. I recouped and continued doing my thing, I mean they must not know how good I am. Why would they say no? I am glad they said no anyways. I prefer being a social media influencer than having my blog content controlled, It may kill my creativity and then my heart would go into hiding for another six years, no way. 
Here's a post that I know made the Catholics in my network  mad at me. It is here. Here is another where I wrote about domestic abuse (and other kinds of abuse) and how to get help. It is here. I know how they would feel because I once walked out of one of Pastor Eskor of City of David's meetings because I was mad at him for saying that Catholics were going to hell. In case you have never bothered about your eternal destiny, you should. Jesus is real, you should at least research where you would end up without Him, wouldn't you like to know?

There is a gift of a cartoon somewhere in that post. Let me help you with the specific blogpost. The gift is called Shuga. While I don't agree with everything that was in the cartoon, the helplines work after you have read the very interesting story. I got the gift Shuga from Judith Audu, pretty lady, actor, wife and many other things she is dedicating her life to. Here is her blog. Click here. Here is her personal blog, we happened to go to the same primary school. What is that? It is a small world. Tessa, you really need to follow the trends. He he he. 
I am a Christian and having Christ colors obliterates my opinions and I am happy with it. Can you imagine? I never though I would get here, to this place where I am willing to do what He says and not instinctively shrink back or fight back and rebel. God took the fight out of me and I willingly submit to Him.

Back to the topic of the day.

I was generally browsing and seeing some of the nasty stuff BBC wrote about Nigerians. It pissed me off and I mouthed off at them - really polite of course. I informed that we were 170 million and I know that even one percent of us (Nigerians) are not scammers so it is very unprofessional to be describing 170 million Nigerians as scammers because of a small fraction who scam others.

Whatever I eventually got to answer one of their other silly questions targeted at getting something akin to tweet fights out of Facebook.

Here's the question: 

How difficult is it, creating compelling content? Phew!

I don't blog much these days, I blog but hardly from the core of me.

I look for somewhere in between that will be acceptable to most of the people. 
Well I didn't give a hoot what BBC was saying? They wanted to drag all the feminists and the chauvinists out of their corner and some may have forgotten in the fray that ensued that they were now Christians and neither for or against gender equality.

I just focused on how rather than the men/women argue about equality or non-equality they should be talking about how we need fathers who will stand up and be courageous. Who will stand up for what is right and not tale the politically correct way out. Fathers who will stand up for righteousness and right doings, who will stand for the weak and the poor and not think of reputation as better than character. Long story short we need authenticity more than we need pretense. God is the builder of institutions and he is able to build institutions with great foundations and lasting value if we will surrender and do right according to Isaiah where he talks about the kind of fast that is acceptable to Him.

I left the battle of the sexes behind when I got filled with the Holy Ghost, He never fails to let me see the way to go. He has His ways of communicating to me what He is pleased and

Read my blog post about women and domestic abuse and how we need men to get involved here.

Agreed. We need men who will mentor the next generation of men and lead them right because men mostly receive mentoring from other men, to a great degree and in certain areas only a father can call out the man in his son.

Read "courageous" or watch it. Men who have trained their tongues to be graceful/salted with grace (in the public and in the private) are not only very attractive but they influence their generation for good.

That word 'women's rights' can be confusing. The men should take the lead in doing good and stopping evils like a man getting away with rape because the men stand with them or getting away with being a pedophile because the men gather and decide to lie or getting away with murder because the men gather and decide to lie. We need men who can stand up for what is right and not choose to preserve tradition over people. Men must take the lead and speak up against what is wrong. When I wasn't born again, I was quick to join any wagon that wanted to help but I am older and wiser and I know that things will not work until they are done, God's way and God expects the men to lead and to be just enough to be like Solomon who judged right all the time so much so he was known all over as the wisest king.

 Tessa Doghor is a social media manager in Lagos and manages the blog
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