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Friday, 22 July 2011

My thots back in the days...

“Integrity is possession of firm principles, completeness and wholeness. There is nothing that is so admired as a man with integrity who would not compromise his principles. O! To be a man of integrity! I would die happy knowing I have lived right walking the footsteps of my predecessors before me”

-          Me
I got this from a blog post I wrote on July 14, 2008 and this picture of me is beautiful, I mean the pictures the words I wrote paint. I don’t know if I have improved so much from then and it worries me. I wanna be better, I want to improve for Christ, I feel like I have been so hung up on other people I have forgotten to ‘become’.
Christ, help me ‘become,’ you say in your word that as many as believe in you, you give the power to become the sons of God. Help me become what you have called me to be Lord.

This one makes me laugh:

“Seek to know why people become heroes whether of faith or of nations, it is usually because they have given or not because of what they have collected with grasping hands”

20 July 2011
I am proud of who I am today
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