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Friday, 29 July 2011

This is me...

Today is my friend and colleague Monica's husband's birthday...
So the office is 'abuzz'
Our office administrator said something really funny
He said, "God will help us in this office" in this really funny accent
It was something his son said (He cooked a meal where there was no meat so the young man, he was about three or four at the time. He kept repeating these words every three minutes).

There is something about the help of God
It is different from the help of man
Psalm 46 says "God is our refuge and strength
a very present help in trouble"
The New Testament says that the Holy Ghost is our helper and standby

Recognizing the help of God is a different matter from taking advantage of God's help
This lady on Facebook yesterday said something profound, she said "When you get into a
relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, you withdraw from self-help and depend on the
help of God, God wants to take care of you".

There is this song we used to sing in college a lot, it went like this:
"God will take good care of you, God will take good care of you,
God will take good care of you, yes He will, yes He will".

Some people sang it at a time when nothing was wrong, others sang it at a time when
they were caught in the storms of life, some in the midst of fire. One thing that remained
even with changing seasons was the unchanging nature of God.

He still takes care of His children
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