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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Your daughter!

Your daughter
She's crazy...

Before i yack, yack yack
Lord i will like to say
'Thank you for journey mercies'
I traveled to Benin for a cousin's wedding
1st day: I spent the whole night on the road,
my sis was worried crazy, i wasn't crazy me,
all i kept thinking was that God did not tell me that
i would die on a road trip or be attacked by armed robbers
so that was not my concern

Day 2 & 3:
I had lots of fun.

Day 4:
Pissed i had to go back to the real world!
Travelled back i came with my precious bro
there we were (2 of us only in the bus, was worried about the traffic situation)
and i was wondering when we would leave the park today since the Lagos-Benin rd was bad
out of nowhere comes another bus, and we add up complete the
second bus and off we are to Lagos in just 10 mins (God always has another plan and
can't be limited)

I compare it with arriving ten mins earlier and seeing the bus
we were supposed to enter leaving thinking we would have to wait
another 2 hrs and then stopping my thoughts and giving God room...

All i can say is 'i am glad you got my steps ordered...'

Okay, yarning matters I think i am the only crazy girl on the planet
Everyone believes in que sera, sera. I don't, i believe God is in control of every part of my life
Everyone believes in things just happen I don't, i believe God is in control of everything
and it works for me so far

Don't accept FATE, work on your FAITH

I apologize but i don't apologise, i refuse to think like everyone else I will think like me Everything is possible with God.He's the one i stand with so my life is gonna be full of wonders definitely. I'll just let my self go and keep reprogramming with God's word...

I live the glory-life, it's my destiny
can't be ordinary. tell me i am boasting, i don't care i was birthed by God and he doesn't expect me to be ordinary every part of my life is under his divine influence was created to be different, born (birthed by God) to win always

See what i mean, i am crazy and absolutely cool with that, i believe the invisible (my friends be always complaining) If i didn't change my thinking for them, who would i do it for?

I live for Him first and foremost before you start bring your human reasoning into it
I am not of the world, i am a supernatural being and i take it seriously
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