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Saturday, 25 August 2012


So is it now one post a month?

Nope. It has been
But i plan to change it
I write for five different blogs now
I am currently writing my book

I have begun my quarterly plans again
To see how much progress i am making
In what?
In becoming a world changer in my own lil'way

Some people are created to be unknown
Others must make their mark
they can't be silent

Don't get mad, that is just my shallow self
Everyone is created for greatness
few discover their true calling
and even fewer follow through

Lord, help me follow through and achieve
the purpose you have for me
and the purpose for which you have put your giftings in me

My motivation to do this:
"Young lady, have faith in God"

That is the power of a rhema word, it causes you to take action.
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