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Friday, 5 October 2012


I have trust issues. I have worked on them, but with things like trust, you have to be working on them time and again. Because just when you think you got all the bases covered a trusted leader or many betray you and then a friend betrays you, and then a colleague stabs you in the back, your work gets sabotaged, you are gossiped about, back bitten (is there a word like that?)

at those times the pain can be so piercing you think you will die, but i guarantee you, you will live, i can say that because i have been there. When i tell my heart, don't trust again, it betrays me itself and trusts yet again

Scriptures say, "To be pure, all things are pure"

The gospel is the truth, it doesn't matter how many experiences you have had God is sovereign! He knows what He is doing and unlike me, He is always right.

I learnt something today, that you ought to pay attention to what the still small voice is telling you in your conscience than in what another person is saying. Focus on the voice of the spirit of God, He knows where He is taking you.

Now that i look at the big picture, even though i cannot see tomorrow, or the Holy Spirit has not shown me anything, i can see that there was never a time that He lost control or was not in charge of what was going on: brings me back to another guarantee:

"All things work together for good for them that love Him and for them who are called according to His purpose". Everything is working together for good and even though i may not see how, i can trust in His unseen hands, that is holding me up and leading me.

Most important of all, i am glad that i don't have to trust in the intelligence in my head because i have the power of the Holy Ghost working for my advantage.
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