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Friday, 30 November 2012

What I have learnt today...

When you grow in the things of God the first evidence of your spiritual growth is the increase of the love nature of God in you. You walk in love, you can't hold people because of something they did to you or said to you. You can't walk in bitterness, you learn to over look those things. You don't number your enemies.

I am checking myself with it and I think I am good but nope my standards aren't good enough but because I am relating with so many people it is difficult to measure it at all. My strongest weakness: the desire for perfection still rears its ugly head from time to time. I choose humility instead and dodge the desire to prove to myself and others that I am perfect. I don't have to be. This is one of the things I have learnt from being in Christ. I am loved just as I am . So I am free to strive to become the best me; the one that God has created me to be.

I just started walking in love recently. In order to walk in love, I have to choose not to judge her or over-analyze their faults as much as it comes easily to me, for the sake of my peace of mind. I also have to decide to use the word of God for myself and not for pointing fingers at others. I also have to consciously decide that my spiritual life is more important me being the judge over others. I don't always succeed at this. I keep at it though because I choose success over failure. Since I am already a success, I am to enforce what God has said in His word. When I get stuck at thinking too much, I just say, "Father, let your mercy cover me".
I know that I have the nature of love in me so I just let that love flow. I may not have succeeded in not numbering my enemies too, instead I walk gently among them, but carefully because I still don't trust them. But I trust God. I trust that God is in charge of my life and that He is using my life for His glory. My prayer is that as I yield to Him, I continue in fellowship with Him and ignore all the distractions around me. He has given me His word about so many things that sometimes my actions are a display of my lack of trust in Him.

1 Tim 4:15 Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all.
When i ask myself what the secret behind my success story is, I can only tell you that I gave myself to the word of God but then even that is not totally true. It is just the mercy of God but I can tell you that when it came to making decisions, i gave God priority. I put Him first. Sometime I hurt myself to do His will. But do you know what God has the nature of love, no be lie! All that He does and says is actually for you and for Him. He takes care of His business.

Someone said, you will always win so long as you keep standing. If you give in, it is because you did not understand that the devil is a defeated foe. He has no power, don't let other people's experiences or your own convince you otherwise.

God is merciful. 
If anyone contests this statement, all I have to say is: try going one day without the mercy of God and see what a wreck you would be. I used to be more self-righteous than anyone else, tis why I laugh at self-righteous people, because they will refuse the grace and mercy of God because they don't need Him.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I am promoting my page on face book for $4 and even though it is not much, I am interested in seeing the difference. I want to see the improvement in the advertising of my page.

I am still on it. I am spiritually aware. I know who I am in Christ. I am casting off all prejudices and labels. I am who God has made me and I am not ashamed to declare it. Whatever anyone thinks they should either keep to themselves or spend all of that attention they want to give me attending to their own spiritual life.

I have dealt well with the publicity, warranted/unwarranted.

Today is a day of thanksgiving. Chibuzor's birthday is today and it is also an anniversary. I am grateful for God and who He is and how He has revealed Himself to me.

You know before, when people say God is faithful, when I say God is faithful, I just think of all the things He does because He wants to. It is not just about money anymore. I know that I have everything I need in Christ.
If you say prove it: I will just tell you that I walk by faith and not by sight.
My words are backed by deity.

And I am just so overwhelmed by a loving God who cannot be fully comprehended because we cannot put a cap on the degree of mercy He chooses to display on whom He chooses irrespective of anyone else. He works according to His counsel and cannot be questioned. Just glad to be loved by so great a God and that I was considered worthy to be used by Him to show His might and greatness and the degree to which He cannot be predicted.

I am just glad to be the object/person of His love and goodness!

Friday, 23 November 2012

I believe

This is what I do.
My head works this way (Or maybe my spirit).
When I hear any thing or receive any information
(through my ear gate, mouth gate or eye gate)
 I cross check it with the word of God.

I know that I am a man and that my body house my five senses
That is the sensory perception
I also know that I am spirit and my spirit houses my spiritual senses
I know that I may receive information through my gates
But I am not ruled by those information
Because I am spirit

It is the information from the word of God that rules me
It gets in through the same gates but it goes to my spirit and not my head
because I am ruled by my spirit.
My spirit dominates my body and my mind
My mind is filled with the word of God so that I operate as God wants

I have the mind of Christ. My mind is dominated by the word of God
Like I said, I am not ruled by the information that comes from this world
because I hail from God.
I have to interact with others and so a lot of times I receive all kinds of information
But I am careful to renew my mind to God's word.
I renew my mind constantly by listening to the word of God

I love the way my mind works. But I prefer it when my spirit takes over.
My spirit does a lot of things that my mind cannot comprehend or explain
But that is how limitations are broken
When you think just human, you will be sorely limited.
Many who are not born again might not understand.
Many who are born again might still not understand
Many who are spirit filled might still not understand
But that is okay, the Holy Ghost understands with me and I follow His leading.

I stopped confessing God's word, I started following the crowd
I didn't want to be very different
But that was stupid of me
I function in Phronesis and Epignosis

Phronesis: The highest form of wisdom, it is the wisdom of God
Epignosis: The knowledge that causes you to act.

I am different, peculiar, separated and a property and a son of God
It makes me different but I am okay with it
I am loved by God
I matter to Him big time
I am glad that I am loved by Him


Friday, 16 November 2012

Just pondering...

I am thinking about Samson
the one from the bible
There was a way that he shook himself
when he wanted to express the life of God in him.

I wonder how i 'shake myself'
I think i sing, meditate on the word
and just spend some peaceful time with the Holy Ghost.

I ought to do it often
Well because i am a new creation, a different man
I am more what i am on the inside
than this pretty house on the outside that gets all the attention

Any time i spend all the time feeding my externals
I am missing out on the time i can be spending building my inner man
Anyway i plan to enjoy my weekend.

Focus of the weekend: Pleasing God! Walking in love (It is proving difficult because annoying factors are still there, but i believe walking in love is possible so i am going to hang in there).

I am big, so big on the inside, the way God made me!
La la, i will write some more next week!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A blogger annoyed me...

New week
Things are looking up.

And still,
Some things are annoying.

One annoying atheist blogger just pissed me off.
The most annoying thing is that i can't even remember
what i talked about.
It was one of my busy body moments...

I am just sure that i did not insult him
but he tagged me and claimed i insulted him
I have searched and searched and i can't see the insult
on his timeline or mine.

I was so pissed i blocked him on both my facebook accounts
what i was doing/thinking when i added him as friend i don't know
Well its good riddance to bad rubbish because what could an
atheist teach me anyway and to turn on me suddenly?

Well, i plan to have a good week anyway
and to change a lot of things too!
This is the end of 2012 and i should be removing unbeneficial
individuals from my social networks...

As it is,
I am still walking in love, as i know how and as i am learning
I am still improving, learning to value family and friends
learning to become a better me

Like i said on twitter, i did not change my behaviour
My human spirit was recreated so i am a new creation in Christ
learning who i am and becoming all that God has created me to be!