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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A blogger annoyed me...

New week
Things are looking up.

And still,
Some things are annoying.

One annoying atheist blogger just pissed me off.
The most annoying thing is that i can't even remember
what i talked about.
It was one of my busy body moments...

I am just sure that i did not insult him
but he tagged me and claimed i insulted him
I have searched and searched and i can't see the insult
on his timeline or mine.

I was so pissed i blocked him on both my facebook accounts
what i was doing/thinking when i added him as friend i don't know
Well its good riddance to bad rubbish because what could an
atheist teach me anyway and to turn on me suddenly?

Well, i plan to have a good week anyway
and to change a lot of things too!
This is the end of 2012 and i should be removing unbeneficial
individuals from my social networks...

As it is,
I am still walking in love, as i know how and as i am learning
I am still improving, learning to value family and friends
learning to become a better me

Like i said on twitter, i did not change my behaviour
My human spirit was recreated so i am a new creation in Christ
learning who i am and becoming all that God has created me to be!

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