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Friday, 23 November 2012

I believe

This is what I do.
My head works this way (Or maybe my spirit).
When I hear any thing or receive any information
(through my ear gate, mouth gate or eye gate)
 I cross check it with the word of God.

I know that I am a man and that my body house my five senses
That is the sensory perception
I also know that I am spirit and my spirit houses my spiritual senses
I know that I may receive information through my gates
But I am not ruled by those information
Because I am spirit

It is the information from the word of God that rules me
It gets in through the same gates but it goes to my spirit and not my head
because I am ruled by my spirit.
My spirit dominates my body and my mind
My mind is filled with the word of God so that I operate as God wants

I have the mind of Christ. My mind is dominated by the word of God
Like I said, I am not ruled by the information that comes from this world
because I hail from God.
I have to interact with others and so a lot of times I receive all kinds of information
But I am careful to renew my mind to God's word.
I renew my mind constantly by listening to the word of God

I love the way my mind works. But I prefer it when my spirit takes over.
My spirit does a lot of things that my mind cannot comprehend or explain
But that is how limitations are broken
When you think just human, you will be sorely limited.
Many who are not born again might not understand.
Many who are born again might still not understand
Many who are spirit filled might still not understand
But that is okay, the Holy Ghost understands with me and I follow His leading.

I stopped confessing God's word, I started following the crowd
I didn't want to be very different
But that was stupid of me
I function in Phronesis and Epignosis

Phronesis: The highest form of wisdom, it is the wisdom of God
Epignosis: The knowledge that causes you to act.

I am different, peculiar, separated and a property and a son of God
It makes me different but I am okay with it
I am loved by God
I matter to Him big time
I am glad that I am loved by Him

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