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Friday, 16 November 2012

Just pondering...

I am thinking about Samson
the one from the bible
There was a way that he shook himself
when he wanted to express the life of God in him.

I wonder how i 'shake myself'
I think i sing, meditate on the word
and just spend some peaceful time with the Holy Ghost.

I ought to do it often
Well because i am a new creation, a different man
I am more what i am on the inside
than this pretty house on the outside that gets all the attention

Any time i spend all the time feeding my externals
I am missing out on the time i can be spending building my inner man
Anyway i plan to enjoy my weekend.

Focus of the weekend: Pleasing God! Walking in love (It is proving difficult because annoying factors are still there, but i believe walking in love is possible so i am going to hang in there).

I am big, so big on the inside, the way God made me!
La la, i will write some more next week!

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