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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Something true...

Ivan Fernandez Anaya is a hero. Maybe not in the eyes of the media but in my dictionary, he is.

Here's his blog site Ivan Fernandez Anaya
Go and get the full story there. It is a very noble act.

In the light of Lance Armstrong recent confession on Oprah's show that is causing such a hullabaloo  Ivan stands out as a man who carried out a kind gesture even though he could have won at all costs. This is the spirit of sportsmanship and likely the spirit of Christ. He put the needs of the Kenyan man who was black ahead of himself.

He could have been dog-eat-dog but he wasn't, he could have been racist but he wasn't. This is very admirable!
He is only 24 years old but it is not difficult to get a picture of the kind of man he will become, I don't mind my brother and male cousins emulating him. He is noble. Nobility is a virtue to be cultivated, if you don't believe, go read Philippians 4:8.

I followed him on blogger and sent him a note on Facebook, just being me jare!!!

Ivan helping the Kenyan who was tired across the finish line.

'jare'- A phrase used to place emphasis on a statement.

All pictures courtesy the athlete.
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