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Thursday, 17 January 2013

The land is green!

The land is green abi?
It's 2013

The year is looking bright for me
A lot of exciting things are happening.

I have done a training. Succeeded in scheduling one for each month so I am committed to developing me career wise, I still am not disciplined in writing every single day. I am going to try to write today sha even if I am tired and if I can't use the laptop, I will use the writing pad and biro at the foot of my bed, so you see I am doing everything necessary to make sure I write.

I am sourcing for a prayer partner who knows that praying is more than just opening your mouth and talking to God, she's female and she's discrete and of course we go to different churches so the chances of conflict arising is that 'little bit' smaller.

I am still waiting to start my businesses, two of them, if it doesn't kick off in January, then it would be February, I want to be responsible the American way. They leave home at 18 you, know. I had bigger dreams for myself. They are still big anyway, I just didn't meet my deadline but I am back on track and I am needing the help of God and the help of the Holy Spirit more.

Those dreams I could achieve myself but the newer dreams, I can only do with the power of God. I notice that I need a little impulsiveness and gusto of the younger me, and less cockiness but a settledness (Is that a word?). Whatever, I want to live my dreams and feel the fulfillment of a life that does more than only what it is told. Where is the innovation?

Whatever, I'm glad I could write something from my heart and not a bunch of rules/new year resolutions or cut and dried stuff; this actually feels alive. I think I have been writing rubbish since.

I want to out dream myself and out-do myself...more later

(Now to connect this stuff so that I can blog from my phone....going going)

N.B. I admire all those old ladies who are intercession peeps, they intercede so much I imagine their face begins to glow from being in the presence of God so much and they have so much understanding and I think it is peace written boldly on their faces. I want to do that some time, participate in intercession, I mean.
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