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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Imma blog everyday for 30 days at least... #GI13

Camp is time with God...
See example below

One of the nights at Audacious 2012

More than that it is time with family and friends, it is little of work, but it is more about the word and the ministrations. There's music, dance, there's song, there is ministrations of the Spirit. As far as I am concerned, everywhere in ASCON is just holy when camp meeting is going on. It is why God goes to wait for us at camp. I have been going to camp since 2006, I think.

It is just awesome, I will say some more tomorrow
The logo for this year's camp is GREAT IMPACT.
What will the Holy Ghost do with that?
I await His mind.

Wonder what kind of impact would be made this year?
2013 is still budding! 
I am dreaming and achieving!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Me: About to enter March. Yay!

I am a total bookworm
unrepentant one at that.
I can pass anything for a really good book
I can even pass up a smart party for a good book
conclusion: I am a bookworm

the flip side is that i am a terrific writer
when i can get myself to be disciplined
I wonder what this week has for me?
I hope I can bring out all of the things in me
this week...

Here I come!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Nothing random about this sunday...

I am liking @jamiegraceh songs and her talks online.

Courtesy Wikipedia

When she is talking, my soul is at rest, I can identify with her relationship with her father. I am not that fluent with the Holy Spirit as she is, but I am going to get there.

I just need to fix my priorities and realize that no matter if I have a hundred things to do, God should be my #1. Yeah!

My family is beautiful and good. God is taking us to good places, I love what I am seeing.

I am one of those crazy people that sees further than the ordinary eye, I see like God. I can look at a thing and see the potential, what it could be, I think some people call it vision. I am like my Father, I can call out life from seeming dead situations. I can see something seeming ordinary and see what God could make of it; some folks call that Christian.

Well long and short of it all, I am a new creation in Christ Jesus and all them new things are of God, I am seeing the new things. Not worshiping like I used to but I will get there because that is the secret of my creativity, God is, i mean!

I have lain fallow for too long when I was created to brood and create great things. I am on my way somewhere good, let's see how this week goes!

Also dropping weights, this week, I will be dropping procrastination and also checking that I treat people the way God would. I want to manifest the fruit of the spirit, not one left out.

Courtesy dove award.
Get her songs at

Goal of February: To be conformed to the image of Christ!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Principles, principles...

When I was in high school, I used to think that principles were do good, don't do bad
Make a habit of doing good and it is.

In college, I started learning about spiritual principles

First one off: "Seek the kingdom..."
Follow the words of Jesus, do them and live by them, like my most difficult 'loving your enemies' but not as difficult as 'praying for them who despitefully use you'. There are others like going the extra mile, just do them okay, Jesus knows what He is talking about.

Second one: "The seed principle"
Everything begins with a seed, Jesus had to die to produce us, God gave Jesus so that He could have us (if you have joined the reborn folks), whatever you will do will start as a seed, God believes in the seed principle so much He practices it, I believe in the seed principle also.

\I pick things from different places, I have a short attention span so it is not everything that I hear, I can be hearing so many things and suddenly I hear something that makes me stop and think, it catches my attention.
This day, this man was speaking and he talked about lesser truths and greater truths. He said that greater truths supersede the lesser truths and I believe it.

I am the kind of Christian who does not believe in fighting about Paul, Cephas and Apollos, I honor all men of God and I leave them to the One who sent them. Because I honor them all, I am able to learn from them and pick the hay and leave the sticks, I also am able to give them the grace that God has given me. Well he talked about greater truth. So if you have a scripture speaking something concerning any situation that you want to pray about, the sensible thing is to go for the greatest truth. Don't stop and say, O see what happened to Job, that is my portion, you should search and see what happened to Jesus or John the beloved. Don't presume to know the mind of God, search the scriptures and get that truth.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love Day

I don't want lecture
We all know that love is to be expressed 365 days
But a chance to dress up
It is difficult for girls to pass it by.

Happy Vals Day
Have good clean fun
Enjoy the day, it is just like all the other three hundred and something more to come
Funtastic if you decide that it will be so

The country is red
It is colored red
All I want is a soak in the tub with a Genevieve Magazine
To satisfy my literary work.

What can I say?
Have fun folks

For those who read and don't comment like cousin dearest
God is watching you!
(This is the first time I am using this phrase)

I am going to have fun, party and get home for 9pm
to reflect on the day, the fun that I had and walking in love
365 days

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Proud of what I write (always)|-written-by-tessbabee?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

So so excited...

#2013 Goals
One is about to be accomplished

I pray for God's grace and favour.
I pray for God's peace and rest in me
So I can put my best leg forward and just
say the right things.

A chance to grow
and be all the best I can be
and use everything that God has given me
To create things that have never existed before
Out of my imagination.

I have the craziest imagination on the planet
I pray I give it free rein and make my 2013
one to remember with fond memories
when i am 95.

And schooling my grandkids on how to rule the world
'Just read your bible in the morning and in the night'

Its as simple as that.

'I am confident that I can swim with the sharks'
I have got the Holy Ghost after all!