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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Imma blog everyday for 30 days at least... #GI13

Camp is time with God...
See example below

One of the nights at Audacious 2012

More than that it is time with family and friends, it is little of work, but it is more about the word and the ministrations. There's music, dance, there's song, there is ministrations of the Spirit. As far as I am concerned, everywhere in ASCON is just holy when camp meeting is going on. It is why God goes to wait for us at camp. I have been going to camp since 2006, I think.

It is just awesome, I will say some more tomorrow
The logo for this year's camp is GREAT IMPACT.
What will the Holy Ghost do with that?
I await His mind.

Wonder what kind of impact would be made this year?
2013 is still budding! 
I am dreaming and achieving!
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