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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love Day

I don't want lecture
We all know that love is to be expressed 365 days
But a chance to dress up
It is difficult for girls to pass it by.

Happy Vals Day
Have good clean fun
Enjoy the day, it is just like all the other three hundred and something more to come
Funtastic if you decide that it will be so

The country is red
It is colored red
All I want is a soak in the tub with a Genevieve Magazine
To satisfy my literary work.

What can I say?
Have fun folks

For those who read and don't comment like cousin dearest
God is watching you!
(This is the first time I am using this phrase)

I am going to have fun, party and get home for 9pm
to reflect on the day, the fun that I had and walking in love
365 days
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