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Sunday, 10 February 2013

So so excited...

#2013 Goals
One is about to be accomplished

I pray for God's grace and favour.
I pray for God's peace and rest in me
So I can put my best leg forward and just
say the right things.

A chance to grow
and be all the best I can be
and use everything that God has given me
To create things that have never existed before
Out of my imagination.

I have the craziest imagination on the planet
I pray I give it free rein and make my 2013
one to remember with fond memories
when i am 95.

And schooling my grandkids on how to rule the world
'Just read your bible in the morning and in the night'

Its as simple as that.

'I am confident that I can swim with the sharks'
I have got the Holy Ghost after all!
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