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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Building up...

Just got back from Ajao
I'd be kidding If I told you that I have the whole picture of what I am doing in Ajao
But I guess that is what faith is; what walking by faith is.
I can't see the complete picture

I have some struggles
because I see amongst us our weakness so clearly
I have travelled that road so I know when you alienate a person
It is more difficult to reach them even with the word

I am  doing my best to love everyone, honestly I am not trying too hard
Lest I come across as fake
I am just hanging out there so that if there is an opportunity for God to use me
to speak words that would set another free, it will come up

I am just being me, doing what I love and hanging out with peeps
I am learning to overlook faults, go with the flow and stick with God's will
Obeying His instructions and still working according to what He has called me to do
Sometimes they are easy and sometime they are difficult but it is one more footstep
in the direction of destiny.

Two random guests.
Camp Meeting is going to be great!
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