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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

God was and is still my provision!!!

Monica and I, we are like sisters, she encourages me and I do same for her.

Okay I promised to say my testimony from college. In my final year, I had a spill over and unknown to me, my dad got retired and so there wasn't any money and I had to choose between waiting a year and going back to school that year with nothing. I had no money  ,no way to get money  scratch that, I had started making hats in my final year for fun. But that was God's way of sustaining me in that year, if I wanted to eat, I would have to work first. Those were the days I learnt to believe God for provision but if I didn't make any money I would go to bed hungry. God came through a lot of times and I learnt to hear the Spirit of God's direction.

My sister was working in Yaba at the time so I used to go home with her. One particular day, a friend came across me and told me she would be going home that weekend that I should go with her, my proud self declined and told her, no thanks, I will go with my sis, I will just wait till 5 pm. She went and came several times till I agreed to go home with her. On getting home, I discovered that my sister was having a meeting in Ikeja, I would have been seriously stranded for like the first time in my life.

When I moved back to school, I had only two pair of jeans and maybe three tops, it was like poverty came on me suddenly, I had a lot of clothes just the semester before then, my self esteem was shot to pieces, I was sad and ever having a 'pity party'. I was staying with some girls out of having nowhere to stay. One night after I had been starving for 4 days, Ifeanyi (one chic like that, very good friend) came to buy me dinner at SUB, as we walked down towards church, someone jumped at me and hugged me tight, saying 'Where have you been hiding in this school?' insisting that I must move in with her. I was going to hurriedly say hi and rush away but she was making all sorts of offers. I couldn't be an ungrateful person to my previous host so i told her to let me finish out the semester (2 weeks) and then I would move to her room.

Needless to say, I was very glad but did not remember to thank God at midnight (at the time I had a midnight quiet time). I moved in with her (her name is Ena and we became friends in Year 1) and she gave me about 10 tops I wore on my pairs of jeans, I was so happy and my new room mates nurtured me, till I looked good again, at least passable. They made sure I didn't go hungry or feel uncomfortable asking for things, they never waited for me to ask. They ate my food with me and made sure I ate their food with them. My hungry days in school were over.

Only God could have done this, Unilag girls are not known for being nice so for 6 girls to be nice, that was just God. They were a covering for me. I became a part of their family. They never even complained about me praying at night, ironic that in the Christian room they had a problem with it. These girls who were from Christian homes but hadn't made a decision let me pray to my heart's delight.

Partly because some girl had tried to initiate them into a mammy water cult the semester before, a situation that called for all the parents to gather in school to pray for their daughters and the mammy water girl moved to another room sha!

Pretty long!
So long, tomorrow, I will share something, I am not sure what yet.

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