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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My race of life!

What is she looking at?
Okay I am asking what I am looking at right?
I am looking and the sun and thinking how its attributes resemble the son
I promised a t-shirt pix, ta da!

Not so nice
But the best I can come up with at such short notice
I am handy with a camera and I am going to be taking so many pics, many heads will spin.

I am set to go to camp
Yeah, right.
Tomorrow, I will be posting more camp pics and of course telling one of my testimonies from back in college.
Tis where I learn endurance and perseverance and resilience

I believe that nothing can hold me down 
because I have the life of God in me

Yes, I have been depressed before, gotten a lot of hard knocks
you'll hear tomorrow how I overcame
But it was mostly because I believed that Jesus was whom He said He was.
That was my greatest strength

She's set to go, to run her race, to make great iMpact.
I'm counting down to camp
It is in 23 days time!!!

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