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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Speak from your heart...

My sis always says, "Speak from your heart" or "...don't bother at all".

Camp meeting is special to me.

It is where I go to be real with God
Even If I act all year round and condone the fights and the struggles
and the seeming uncertainties.

When its Easter, its like my heart just goes tender and every word can enter freely.
I come in
prepared to meet with God
To speak to Him
Cry to Him
Talk about the things that bother me

My dreams
My hopes
My plans
The things that I want to fulfill for the year

I come boldly
I come without fear
and without guilt
through the blood of Jesus

to spend time in God's presence
to be strengthened
To be rebuilt
restored and rejuvenated to conquer
to reign, to have dominion

I come to reign
to be taught of God
to be groomed by the Holy Ghost
to be all that God wants me to be

I come open
I can do, and usually do all I want
in God's presence

I have a list of my desires
what I want to achieve
But I am always conscious and open
to His interruptions

When the Holy Ghost interrupts
Its always for good

So I go to camp expecting more than what the eyes can see
more than what the ordinary ears can hear
more than what the mind can comprehend

I come to be impacted and imparted by the Holy Ghost
So perhaps I can make impact like Jesus did

This is my desire, to be more like you, everywhere!

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