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Friday, 8 March 2013

Wrote this for a job interview in 2007

An enemy of the ordinary is a person who thinks outside the box and gives spectacular solutions to problems. Such individuals rise above the expectations they set for themselves, the expectation others set for them and go the extra mile to be extraordinary.

Ordinary people abound but the fewer extraordinary people detest mediocrity, break protocol and rules and come up with mind blowing answers to problems. They stand out (just added the last three words)

Example: Bukky and Onome are given similar assignments: to think up a small business that will make profit in a short time, Bukky comes up with the idea of selling corporate gifts , while Onome comes up with the idea of opening a car wash.

When the time limit for the assignments are up, Onome ends up making almost three times Bukky's profit. While Bukky sold her corporate gifts to upper class clients, Onome's car wash was open to all and she added a small incentive of a free gift anytime a client used her car wash and the cars were washed by young and attractive females and males.While both idea's were terrific, Bukky was thinking like a regular entrepreneur while Onome was thinking like a dynamic entrepreneur because she was thinking of raising her sales.

To be the enemy of the ordinary, aside the wonderful qualities you need to possess, you must think on your feet, be creative and open to change.


I ask myself: Do I think on my feet? When the occasion arises, I do. 
Am I creative? Yeah, I breathe creativity.  
Am I open to change? I doubt it. I think I am acting like a cement rock.

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