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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

New week, new blessings

It's a new week
I am dropping weights and running with patience
and with faith.

I feel lighter already and my thoughts are clearer
No more unnecessary info and unnecessary directions

The bible says to 'cast down imaginations'
Any time I come across scripture in the bible, I wonder when will I get to use them
What imaginations should I be casting down?
Must I swallow everything I hear as law without cross checking in the bible?

I am practicing my faith walk better and building a strong relationship
with the Holy Ghost again

Heck if you only talk to your teacher once in a month and receive counsel once a month
what kind of student do you expect to be?

I hope the Holy Ghost does not consider me a visitor, with my constant coming and going
coming and going. If Someone has been sent to help you and you never even listen to
hear what He has to say. How can He help you?

So I am staying alert and staying sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that He can teach me
and counsel me and build me up to whom God has planned for me to be.


Sunday, 28 April 2013


You can call it a story or reality 
(I am publishing my book this year)

BEGINNING (I might just make it into a book)
The prose is written in the form of a letter, places with violence have interjections that look like this ***

Imagine how much i enjoyed the weekend
watched many preachers teach, I grew almost ten feet tall, had a wonderful time in church apart from minor distractions.
I went home, got my hair done. My self esteem is soaring everyday, not just cos i look good ( i know i do) but cos i am beautiful inside and out.
So someone in the office says some nasty things that have particular targets (at me of course) and he is just so so  *** and i nearly lose control.
i said '***' under my breathe then i hold myself.
This self control thing is not as easy as i would like it to be.

I was feeling hurt, looking around and gathering my my tornadoes to destroy the people trying to decapacitate me then i remember that He (God) says that vengeance is His and that i am to love em'

I am trying this love stuff for the last 2 weeks or so. So I say under my breathe that I love them. The words sound like ashes in my mouth (lol, crazy painful) but I make myself say them because i choose to align me with God's word.

When i received the shot(verbal), no one knows more than me how my face wanted to squeeze up and crumple in tears *** but something inside me says 'greater is he that lives in me than he that lives in the world"
I know who i am, i cannot be defeated because all things are working together for my good because I love God and i am the called according to his purpose.

N.B. To end this, let me just say thank you God for strengthening my backbone. only God knows that Wednesday last week, i wanted to give up on my christian walk. God knows ever since September i have been having challenges upon challenge but i have been overcoming by the Spirit. My christian walk is all that sustains me and my r/ship with the H.spirit, as much as it has been like walking on cobwebs, it is the times he spoke to me that i received encouragement.

Let me say this direct to God. Lord, Friend, i saw those 'ivie's (two of em) wo obo when debai obo otion when. 

(No explanation necessary)

This is why i trusted you enough to move forward. I believe that you who began a good walk in me, you are faithful to complete it until the day of Christ.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I don't know if I am still doing the nano
but if you want, you can believe so

Today I will be talking about change
practical change
but change is not so practical
that you cannot see the supernatural as a road to that change

The bible says,
"...the things which are not seen are subject to change" 2 Corinthians 4:18

When you are a Christian, your faith cannot rest in the seen
Your faith must rest in the unseen, that is the faith.
When you want it to rest in the seen, it will not require faith
But resting in the unseen is the faith that overcomes the world.


When you believe, you speak!
When you speak, you see.


Thursday, 18 April 2013

nano #6

Dancing in white...
white tube dress
white silk tights and
balle shoes
I am dancing around
and around the room
to the cheers of my onlookers
I am six years old

Dancing in white
a white body hug
and tight denim trousers
navy blue sneakers
I am dancing around and around
to a spice girls song
the title escapes me barely
I am 14 years old

Dancing in white
a white dress
black tights and heels
I am dancing around and around
to a nigerian musician
Psquare or Sound Sultan
I am not quite sure
It is graduation day and I am 21 years old

Dancing in white
a fabulous elegant gown
and silver slippers
in the arms of my groom
to a sentimental songs
I cannot hear the words
but the air is magical
Dancing around and around
I am 26 years old

dancing in white
a chic Ralph Lauren suit
sensible heels
to a party song
I am surrounded by three tots
they patter and patter
two boys and a girl watched
by my long time groom
I am 36 years old

dancing in white
a beautiful white dress
flat shoes
to a song that is poignant
but indescribable
I am surrounded by family
Its my only daughters day
she's getting married and leaving home
I am in my fifties

dancing in white
more dances than I have ever though of
I don't like dancing
Or do I
Wearing comfy foot wear
and doing what I'm used to
"waving my hands like I don't care"
Hey yo
I am in my seventies

The young ones think I am too old to dance
I laugh and tell them
"We invented the concept of dancing"
You haven't seen nothing yet.

I'm not quite sure what the future looks like but I know dancing will not go out of fashion!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Explosive morning...

The pharisees gather
I have the arsenal to hurt them in my keeping
But I am discreet
I will not be using info to play a game that God is not in

So much was said
A lot was not faith

But God showed up at the end
and the prayers were in faith
what is God saying?
I don't know but I know that I am doing right

some still suffer from not having the teaching of righteousness
instead of learning, they fight the teaching
people perish from lack of knowledge
no be lie!

Can I really boast about anything?
God picked me and He did me good and I won't deny what He did for anyone
Not for any bully
I can't be bullied anyway
I just act as if I can
the kingdom rules keep me in check
but I could fight dirty, I simply choose not to.

I got into secondary school three years ahead of time
I couldn't be bullied, it won't start now.
I was actually even a bully in primary school, led my own pack
I don't move in packs anymore, I now move with the Holy Ghost

It makes some people mad but that is their problem.

Feel free to live your life devoid of 'life'if you choose to
You can't control everything because you are not the God of the universe
but you can partner with Him to do good
If you do bad, you will reap what you sow

God put the checks and balances in place for a reason
Maybe it was for people like you
He put them in place for man because the flesh is evil and has nothing good in it
But the Spirit
It is all-good.


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Psst! Nano #5

I got to go
I am running late
Stop disturbing me
I have no time for anyone
I got to make it
I have things down to a pat
My coach says I got to respect my job
enough to make it to work on time

If I don't make it to work on time
It will tell on me
and on my charts it will mean
that I am not being diligent
and if I aint being diligent
I don't qualify to stand before kings

I know who I am
I got to stand before kings
But before that happens
i got to be obeying God's principles
Or it will be my fault

I bend down to strap my shoes
I am on the run because on my charts
I must be early because I am not crazy
enough to do the same thing and expect
a different result

I am on the run
guess what
Its the morning craze
but I made it
I got in 8.55
I am being diligent
I am pleased
God is pleased

Now its time to work the other principles
God is dropping ideas
I got to implement them

I am writing
I have started my biz
It is called '√Źmagineit'
My phone number is 08130800741
My email is
I write, edit and publicize
I am also a social media consultant
@omojuwa helped me start this, just this morning
So if you need my help, do call or recommend me to your peeps.

Sunday, 14 April 2013


I learnt to praise
I chose to praise
I sometimes had the catalysts that caused me
to shout like I really didn't care


Worship came naturally to me
It was like my nature
I could close my eyes and forget everything
but God
If you ask me how,
I can't say

I can only say that when I close my eyes
God takes over
Worship does wonders
I am always new
Like I have been bathed
after worship

This is a great weekend...

No nano until Tuesday

One thing that stay with me from this meet is this:
"The pleasure of the Lord will prosper in my hands"

Don't understand it all yet, but I will.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

nano what number?


Looking, learning, talking
Making impact...
by the life of God in my spirit
by my words

I'm amazed
at the number of critical thoughts
running through my mind
not  surprised really

Gotta check mate it
need to read my bible more
so that loving thoughts come first
so much love that...
there is no room for criticism

at least in me
if nothing else
Cynicism, hate eats at fibre
not sure which fibre

But I got to listen
with my heart
lay down my gavel
I am not judge
don't want to be

I just want to learn at His feet
and perhaps
no surely
definitely manifest
the qualities of God

I don't want to be ugly
where it matters
what use is life (zoe)
if you won't let it out

Lord help me
I can't do this myself
One thing is clear
My desire if to follow...

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

not the nano, just random blogging...

What is a washed up has-been?

What does a washed up has-been mean? How do you become a washed up has-been?
When you no longer believe anything or anyone, it means that you are used up; you’re old, unproductive and tired. If you ask me what the cure for this is: I’d say faith.

I have been ‘there’ where everything was just moving from day-to-day, do you know about that stuff in movies where the buses and the people move very quickly, it is all a blur. This is major depression! Do you know how I came out of it? I prayed like my life depended on it, like Jesus was my life-blood and if he did not give me life, I wouldn't live. I prayed for joy and enthusiasm and he gave it to me.

Never stay in that place where you are angry, cynical, joyless, vindictive, and anything else contrary to what is good. There are tiny lines between all kinds of attitudes so it can be difficult to see.
Have you ever heard of blind sides? This is what I say, Holy Spirit help me see my blind sides clearly than I see others, help me see my wrong attitudes faster than I see others and help me be conformed to You daily in Jesus name, amen.

God is awesome and wonderful and good. Your life will reflect what you focus on, you may not see any good if you cultivate a critical spirit. I am not saying don’t pay attention to detail. Those are some of the great things God has put in you to help you become what He has pre-planned for you. I am saying recognize the attitudes that are behind the words, thoughts and actions you take, whitewash yourself with Philippians 4:8. Ask God to cleanse your soul of wrong emotions and motives so you can see what He sees and see how He sees. Refuse to be overcome with evil, overcome evil with good after all you have God’s life in you and it is a self-sustaining life, mediate on that till the next article.

Zoe: life of God, life giving source, source of joy and peace and everything good, the power behind creativity. New things that are of God have come. Agree with it.
#2013goal Am I going to conform to my environment? Nope. My mind will be renewed to the word of God and is being renewed to the word of God.

I will still do my nano, because the nano is a poem. Cheers!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

nano #3 something special

Today I did something unusual
I hadn't done it in a while
I helped make 'someones'life better today
many someone's

Many little girls of secondary school age
we took the gospel to them the best we could
I pray that every seed sown will yield increase
a multiplied harvest in Jesus name

Those young ladies represent little feet
I saw hearts poured out today
to help someone else, we had nothing to gain
but to help someone out there who can't help themselves

Today I felt like Jesus

I put Him on like a garment and I let Him reign
Speak, talk and act through me
This is life!

Friday, 5 April 2013

My day 2 'nano'

It's been a short day
So much to do, the time couldn't get away from me
Been moving from one interesting thing to the other
Finally maximizing time, I had forgotten that it was possible
To enjoy work so much, you want to work even when you are home

Lord I pray, bless the gifts of my hand so that it will make room for me
and I will finally make those millions I have been dreaming of
I thank you for idea's

It is possible. I know the terrain looks rough and many people
expect to not find water but I thank you because water will find me
No matter where I dig, water will seek because I am Abraham's seed

Water will locate me no matter where I am
Any time I dig (euphemism for seeking what God has put in me)
It will cause me to make increase in Jesus name amen.

Today is done
Tomorrow the seeking continues
I will fulfill my purpose and not another's
I was born for it so I won't struggle
I will just enter into it because I am perfectly made to do what I was created to
Even when I falter, I will lift my head and my eyes and my hands and i will reach
for what God is giving...
Water will find me.

The power of the mind
(Talk about something and its out!)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Starting my 'Nanowrimo' challenge...

The atmosphere is tense
suddenly my spine straightens
I somehow sense I have wondered into enemy territory
The nameless beasts lurking around looking for humans to do their bidding
strangely enough there be many which lie in wait eager to do the bidding
of the wicked

She lurks in the shadows trying to come into the light to which she already has access
fear, pain, anger, lust try to hold her down, they work at distracting her from what matters
battles real and imagined try to keep her from becoming, from venturing, from stretching for much
Maybe the Master doesn't want you to have too much
Maybe the beasts from the dark can come into the light also
Maybe even the creatures of the light who wander in darkness are a part of the plan also
O what is the plan? Pray tell.
Don't tell me, there is no big picture, because then what kind of movie would it be?
She crawls, she walks,. she runs and soon she's soaring
The creatures of the dark are still there, as vivid as they ever were before her eyes got opened

but now she can also see the hedge  clearly, they surround her but they can't hurt her
They are there, just waiting for her to give them a reason to push through a broken hedge
should she break it?
The angels are there also, but they aren't poised for battle almost like it wouldn't be necessary
for them to fight.

Elohim is present also

the One who makes her calm and confident
She is no longer scrambling and holding onto whatever for dear life
She is walking with Elohim beside her, moving steadily towards a destiny
How clear is it?

Not quite sure but there is a wide road on it and on both sides are all that represent
prosperity and goodness.
Why not? She is walking hand in hand with Elohim

The dark is still there lurking in the periphery should she take her eyes off Elohim, the angels,
beyond the hedge to the demons waiting to strike but alas they are null and void
ineffective because Elohim is there!

Always peaceful

I kinda like this
Hope tomorrow will produce something better...