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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

nano what number?


Looking, learning, talking
Making impact...
by the life of God in my spirit
by my words

I'm amazed
at the number of critical thoughts
running through my mind
not  surprised really

Gotta check mate it
need to read my bible more
so that loving thoughts come first
so much love that...
there is no room for criticism

at least in me
if nothing else
Cynicism, hate eats at fibre
not sure which fibre

But I got to listen
with my heart
lay down my gavel
I am not judge
don't want to be

I just want to learn at His feet
and perhaps
no surely
definitely manifest
the qualities of God

I don't want to be ugly
where it matters
what use is life (zoe)
if you won't let it out

Lord help me
I can't do this myself
One thing is clear
My desire if to follow...
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