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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

New week, new blessings

It's a new week
I am dropping weights and running with patience
and with faith.

I feel lighter already and my thoughts are clearer
No more unnecessary info and unnecessary directions

The bible says to 'cast down imaginations'
Any time I come across scripture in the bible, I wonder when will I get to use them
What imaginations should I be casting down?
Must I swallow everything I hear as law without cross checking in the bible?

I am practicing my faith walk better and building a strong relationship
with the Holy Ghost again

Heck if you only talk to your teacher once in a month and receive counsel once a month
what kind of student do you expect to be?

I hope the Holy Ghost does not consider me a visitor, with my constant coming and going
coming and going. If Someone has been sent to help you and you never even listen to
hear what He has to say. How can He help you?

So I am staying alert and staying sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that He can teach me
and counsel me and build me up to whom God has planned for me to be.

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