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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

not the nano, just random blogging...

What is a washed up has-been?

What does a washed up has-been mean? How do you become a washed up has-been?
When you no longer believe anything or anyone, it means that you are used up; you’re old, unproductive and tired. If you ask me what the cure for this is: I’d say faith.

I have been ‘there’ where everything was just moving from day-to-day, do you know about that stuff in movies where the buses and the people move very quickly, it is all a blur. This is major depression! Do you know how I came out of it? I prayed like my life depended on it, like Jesus was my life-blood and if he did not give me life, I wouldn't live. I prayed for joy and enthusiasm and he gave it to me.

Never stay in that place where you are angry, cynical, joyless, vindictive, and anything else contrary to what is good. There are tiny lines between all kinds of attitudes so it can be difficult to see.
Have you ever heard of blind sides? This is what I say, Holy Spirit help me see my blind sides clearly than I see others, help me see my wrong attitudes faster than I see others and help me be conformed to You daily in Jesus name, amen.

God is awesome and wonderful and good. Your life will reflect what you focus on, you may not see any good if you cultivate a critical spirit. I am not saying don’t pay attention to detail. Those are some of the great things God has put in you to help you become what He has pre-planned for you. I am saying recognize the attitudes that are behind the words, thoughts and actions you take, whitewash yourself with Philippians 4:8. Ask God to cleanse your soul of wrong emotions and motives so you can see what He sees and see how He sees. Refuse to be overcome with evil, overcome evil with good after all you have God’s life in you and it is a self-sustaining life, mediate on that till the next article.

Zoe: life of God, life giving source, source of joy and peace and everything good, the power behind creativity. New things that are of God have come. Agree with it.
#2013goal Am I going to conform to my environment? Nope. My mind will be renewed to the word of God and is being renewed to the word of God.

I will still do my nano, because the nano is a poem. Cheers!

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