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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Psst! Nano #5

I got to go
I am running late
Stop disturbing me
I have no time for anyone
I got to make it
I have things down to a pat
My coach says I got to respect my job
enough to make it to work on time

If I don't make it to work on time
It will tell on me
and on my charts it will mean
that I am not being diligent
and if I aint being diligent
I don't qualify to stand before kings

I know who I am
I got to stand before kings
But before that happens
i got to be obeying God's principles
Or it will be my fault

I bend down to strap my shoes
I am on the run because on my charts
I must be early because I am not crazy
enough to do the same thing and expect
a different result

I am on the run
guess what
Its the morning craze
but I made it
I got in 8.55
I am being diligent
I am pleased
God is pleased

Now its time to work the other principles
God is dropping ideas
I got to implement them

I am writing
I have started my biz
It is called '√Źmagineit'
My phone number is 08130800741
My email is
I write, edit and publicize
I am also a social media consultant
@omojuwa helped me start this, just this morning
So if you need my help, do call or recommend me to your peeps.
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