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Sunday, 28 April 2013


You can call it a story or reality 
(I am publishing my book this year)

BEGINNING (I might just make it into a book)
The prose is written in the form of a letter, places with violence have interjections that look like this ***

Imagine how much i enjoyed the weekend
watched many preachers teach, I grew almost ten feet tall, had a wonderful time in church apart from minor distractions.
I went home, got my hair done. My self esteem is soaring everyday, not just cos i look good ( i know i do) but cos i am beautiful inside and out.
So someone in the office says some nasty things that have particular targets (at me of course) and he is just so so  *** and i nearly lose control.
i said '***' under my breathe then i hold myself.
This self control thing is not as easy as i would like it to be.

I was feeling hurt, looking around and gathering my my tornadoes to destroy the people trying to decapacitate me then i remember that He (God) says that vengeance is His and that i am to love em'

I am trying this love stuff for the last 2 weeks or so. So I say under my breathe that I love them. The words sound like ashes in my mouth (lol, crazy painful) but I make myself say them because i choose to align me with God's word.

When i received the shot(verbal), no one knows more than me how my face wanted to squeeze up and crumple in tears *** but something inside me says 'greater is he that lives in me than he that lives in the world"
I know who i am, i cannot be defeated because all things are working together for my good because I love God and i am the called according to his purpose.

N.B. To end this, let me just say thank you God for strengthening my backbone. only God knows that Wednesday last week, i wanted to give up on my christian walk. God knows ever since September i have been having challenges upon challenge but i have been overcoming by the Spirit. My christian walk is all that sustains me and my r/ship with the H.spirit, as much as it has been like walking on cobwebs, it is the times he spoke to me that i received encouragement.

Let me say this direct to God. Lord, Friend, i saw those 'ivie's (two of em) wo obo when debai obo otion when. 

(No explanation necessary)

This is why i trusted you enough to move forward. I believe that you who began a good walk in me, you are faithful to complete it until the day of Christ.
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