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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Starting my 'Nanowrimo' challenge...

The atmosphere is tense
suddenly my spine straightens
I somehow sense I have wondered into enemy territory
The nameless beasts lurking around looking for humans to do their bidding
strangely enough there be many which lie in wait eager to do the bidding
of the wicked

She lurks in the shadows trying to come into the light to which she already has access
fear, pain, anger, lust try to hold her down, they work at distracting her from what matters
battles real and imagined try to keep her from becoming, from venturing, from stretching for much
Maybe the Master doesn't want you to have too much
Maybe the beasts from the dark can come into the light also
Maybe even the creatures of the light who wander in darkness are a part of the plan also
O what is the plan? Pray tell.
Don't tell me, there is no big picture, because then what kind of movie would it be?
She crawls, she walks,. she runs and soon she's soaring
The creatures of the dark are still there, as vivid as they ever were before her eyes got opened

but now she can also see the hedge  clearly, they surround her but they can't hurt her
They are there, just waiting for her to give them a reason to push through a broken hedge
should she break it?
The angels are there also, but they aren't poised for battle almost like it wouldn't be necessary
for them to fight.

Elohim is present also

the One who makes her calm and confident
She is no longer scrambling and holding onto whatever for dear life
She is walking with Elohim beside her, moving steadily towards a destiny
How clear is it?

Not quite sure but there is a wide road on it and on both sides are all that represent
prosperity and goodness.
Why not? She is walking hand in hand with Elohim

The dark is still there lurking in the periphery should she take her eyes off Elohim, the angels,
beyond the hedge to the demons waiting to strike but alas they are null and void
ineffective because Elohim is there!

Always peaceful

I kinda like this
Hope tomorrow will produce something better...
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