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Thursday, 30 May 2013

#1 You’re kidding!

You’re kidding
If you think you want to put on Christ and also blend with the rest of the world
It is my opinion that a Christian should be so devoted to doing what God has said,
he/she has no time to be criticizing other Christians

If you find yourself doing that, losing your gentleness and spewing hatred towards another Christian
Be assured that you have gotten lost in the mews of comparing yourself with another
In case you are mistaken, Christianity is not a contest
It is a race against yourself to please God better today than yesterday walking in the
righteousness that is of faith
whatever your understanding of that is, is your problem
If you get the understanding right, deep down in your spirit, you will get a witness
you will know
The desire to be better than another, to tear down another, fear, guilt, the terror of not measuring up will disappear
you will be in that place where you are secure in His love, in His saving grace
And you will be fully persuaded, convinced that you are qualified for His goodness and every good thing in God
not because a man ticked you right and said, ‘nike’ with a ‘you got it right’ on his result pad
But because the most high God put His sign of approval on you
Because of the cross of Christ
You are approved, loved and accepted
No one, no argument or legal defence can make you feel otherwise
not when you have the Holy Ghost who is your legal advocate constantly defending you against the accuser; the enemy

believe me,
no, believe God’s word
just the fact that you are a Christian ensures that you are different
You will never be just another man on a street corner when you have Jesus.
who is now seated at the right hand of God
and because of the Holy Ghost
He is always present knocking at the door of your heart asking and waiting like a gentleman to see if you would let Him in and let Him bear your burdens (If you aren’t saved)
But when you are born again
You gotta accept this truth: HE LIVES IN YOU
Biology can’t explain it, physics, chemistry, logic will fail you
but it is truth all the same; its reality
Reality will witness to you, that you are God’s tabernacle
this is the greatest testimony of love
That the most high God would inhabit a man
and make Him the temple of God

A man in Christ is different from a man in the world
A man who lacks understanding will call it mystical
I call it spiritual
1 Corinthians 6:17 says same
If you don’t believe that, live it and respond to that truth
in your daily life; that is too bad

I am done with what anyone says
I am born again, born of the spirit and I make no apologies about it
I don’t even intend to prove it to you
You don’t matter
I zeroed everyone the day that I walked down that aisle and said
I accept Jesus as Lord’
If you don’t believe it, too bad, I do not live to please you
And yes, I have authority
I have the believers authority
Being a member of a church did not qualify me for authority
being a man in Christ qualified me to walk in authority


I have authority because I believe in Jesus Christ and on Jesus Christ
I believe that he was sent by God to be crucified on a cross for my sins
so that I might be free to walk boldly into God’s presence without fear, guilt or condemnation

I recognize and honour authority
but I also have the wisdom of God
Christ is my wisdom
so I walk pleasing God in all that I do
I believe Jesus will be the only one presiding in the white throne judgment
I long for that day with all that is in me
when the all-knowing only wise God will preside.
Glad that I know Him theoretically and practically
because He does exist beyond the pages of the bible
I see Him in my life daily doing His purposes and great things
I have seen Jehovah Rohi
I have seen El roi
Jehovah Mekoddishkem
Jehovah Tsidkenu
Jehovah Rapha
Jehovah Shalom
Jehovah Jireh my provider
My counselor

If you don’t know all the aspects of God or desire to experience all of God
you will not progress in many areas but it is up to you to seek Him
It is not something a Wednesday/Sunday service will do for you
It is a daily spending time with God, reading about and experiencing Him
Doing this will ensure you are not shaky in your faith
It will build your confidence in the goodness of God so that you don’t find it convenient to blend in or/and be like the rest of the world

If you want to know if God speaks, read Genesis 2-3, He spoke to Adam and Eve
read Jeremiah, he spoke to Jeremiah and showed him visions
He spoke to Isaiah and Ezekiel of the famous dead bones living again
That was God speaking to Ezekiel
He was a friend of Abraham, not a fake friend but a genuine friend who speaks with you, is concerned about your life, where you are going.

He spoke to Jesus Christ, told Him what to do, where to go, when to go, who to listen to
(Just read the Jewish feast where he yelled, "If anyone thirsts, come to me and drink")
He spoke to John on the Island of Patmos, the bible speaks of John being transported and seeing the revelations of the end.
If he can speak to John, why do you think he won’t speak to you?

God laughs
God rejoices when a soul is saved
God gets hurt and grieved
God sees
God speaks too

Can you find out more ways in which God expresses Himself?
if you look out for it while reading your bible, you will see it
It would help you get to know Him better and more
I did!
Am still doing!

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