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Friday, 5 July 2013


There is some wisdom that you learn from scriptures:

One of the things you consider when you are hearing God's word is the might of God, His goodness and His nature of love, along with His character and attributes, who He is.

The second person you shouldn't underestimate is the enemy. He is broke of power now but he works on human limitations. Here's some things you should remember.

1. He wants to steal God's word from your heart. Why? Because if you learn how to use God's word, you will fulfill your purpose and he will fail in his mission, to get souls to go to hell with him, his destination is already sure.

2 He brings cares for other things and deceitfulness of richness to take your attention away from God's word, they are all legitimate needs but it is the fact that he succeeds in distraction you from the word, that is should he succeed?

3. He has another strategy. When you believe God's word, he brings persecution so that you will fall away from the word because of the persecution and if you fall away from the word; he achieved his purpose.

4. Only those who with a honest heart and who understand the meaning of patience are able to bring forth fruit from God's word that was planted in their heart.

God's word is always being planted. What part are you playing to ensure that your attention does not stray from the word to other things?

Learn to focus!

You have an active enemy. You must know that. God knows that also; that is why he has equipped you to win over all the wiles of the enemy. Ensure that you are putting on the whole armor of God. Don't be distracted from God's word; that is your weapon as a child of God!


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