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Friday, 1 November 2013

Writing my thoughts Yay!

I am happy, truly happy
Hard work is ahead of me, but favour is also.

I have learnt to look at God through hard times
Pray and not complain or grumble
I have learnt to trust God for tomorrow
and give Him the things I cannot handle to sort out
I have had so many dreams, not so good.

But I am trusting God on this and breaking bread...
I am grateful for the speaking blood of the covenant
Jesus cut a covenant with me and that day is still my greatest.

I am blessed on all sides.
I am blessed so much it is pouring out of me
I am not perfect but then I don't want to be
I have known the fullness of God in my imperfections
Without my imperfections I may not have sought God so much
and He would have had a difficult time finding me

Through God and through the journey of my love
I have learnt about the love of God, heard about His promised
Experienced His promises, learnt to hear from God
That is a treasure that I can't say thank you enough for.

Because of my journey I have heard about that thing called 'spiritism'
I had to know what it meant because a lot of folks were confusing
the baptism of the Holy Spirit with spiritism
They are two different things, I  have spiritual reference finally
I saw it in the book of Romans or Corinthians, not sure
but it is in the bible, the word that is; and I am preparing a post.

I am thankful for the Holy Spirit's discernment and direction
Many times I could have been confused but I am thankful for the wisdom of God
that protects me and for the mercy of God that covered me and mine.

Thankful for courageous men who were able to speak the mind of God for the season and not hold back because they were embarrassed. I guess I would have been embarrassed but I am praying for courage everyday to embrace what God has for me with boldness.

I cannot be stopped, I cannot be defeated, I cannot be talked down
I have the help of the Holy Spirit and He is talking me up everyday
The more my environment tries to talk me down, the more the Holy Ghost talks me up
I have found a new Christian group that edifies me, they can't find them because
I will not be advertising them. Not everyone is my friend and I won't kid myself
So I will keep my private things private.

Self control (Temperance)
Long suffering

All these are my portion in the month of November
Against this, there is no law.
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