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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Tick, Tock, Tick...

It is counting down
2013 is rounding off.

It started just like yesterday full of dreams and hopes
Some were achieved and some weren't
Some were redirected and some were thrown out

2014 is on the way
It is just three days (about) away and I am anticipating as usual
I am anticipating better dominion in 2014 than in 2013
More divine health than last years, more prosperity in spirit, soul and body
More strength, glory, honor, wisdom, riches, power, & blessings
than I have ever experienced before

Come 2014, I am standing on this promise
My path is shining brighter and brighter, me and mine
No matter how dark the world gets, we are separated and sanctified unto God.

Got this understanding this morning
I had always wondered about it.

The psalms say that 'the earth is the LORD's
and the other part of the bible says that satan is the god of this world
I always wondered which superceded the other and why one could make the other a lie
and if one could at all.

This is my belief:
The earth is the LORD's
The world is the system by which this world is run
So I am not in this world system or ruled by it
I operate the system of the kingdom by the grace of God
So I am separated from this world and its troubles
I am living in the peace of God, me and mine
We are protected under the shadow of the almighty
His angels are active on our behalf
As we march into 2014, we will experience victories
that the human hands cannot birth for us
The supernatural will be our experience even for
things that we can seemingly do ourselves.

The resources and the help of heaven is available to us in Jesus name, amen

nekaparadosinakaraba hedabahondokodohandabayada in Jesus name, amen.

Cheers everyone
Happy 2014 in advance
Its in 3 days time.

Under the influence of the Holy Ghost as always
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