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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Blogging in 2014


It's 2014.
A new day for me
I started my company
I've changed many things

Took these words to heart
"It is insane to do the same things everyday and expect a different results"

I'm putting my dreams to work
after so much talk
And I'm expecting God's hand so that I experience the supernatural hand of God on my business
Don't intend to be satisfied with ordinary results

I am set apart from the world
A recipient of the redemptive rights of God obtained at the cross
I expect it to show up in every area of my life and all the members of my family
I expect more than I pray for because I am supercharged
The Spirit of God lives in me
And I hearken unto the voice of the LORD
He guides me daily

Hmmm, I have experienced what Nigerian businessmen and women go through and its not humanly possible to not get frustrated
But thank God for the word of God
I know a thing or two about not giving up and
About depending on God.

He's the 'super' in me.
Greater is He who lives in me
That's why I will conquer babylon God's way
I'm reading up on Shedrach, Meshack, and Abednego & Daniel too.
I'm reading up on Jesus, John, Paul, Chloe, Lydia

Greater is He who lives in me
More than a conqueror through Christ

I follow the shepherd's leading
I am an attentive sheep

Jehovah Rohi is my God

Cheers guys, more gists and exploits coming your way soon.
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