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Friday, 28 February 2014

Last Week In February


What happened this week sef
Bills, bills, bills
Thinking of my childhood when they were no worries about bills
I will get past this point
I intend to make it to the other side
God gives His energy to His word
So I am thankful because his word is working good for me

On the a lighter side @worshipandswag sent me my book 'Colliding with Destiny by @sarahdjakes. She'd sent it since ending of January, let naija post allow it reach my house nau.

She sent it. She kept mailing me. Have you gotten it? I'm like, 'I haven't o' (I'm using corner eye to wonder if she actually did send it, but its not polite to ask, what is my own sef? Don't trust much these days, 'Holy Ghost, help your daughter')

Finally I'm in the bathroom doing number 3 and they ring up my phone and say its the post office, my sister picks the phone and answers the call, if not I will just miss the call.
Any ways I come back upstairs and she says my book is finally here.

I'm busy all of last week so this week, after seeing a client, I head to the post office in Satellite to pick up my package. I'm feeling like someone receiving 'yankee' package. I don't even look at people very well, I greet sha. I collect the package and barely two houses from the post office, I'm pulling out my bright yellow long awaited book. Still have to rush to another client to work on a magazine.

I keep reminding myself of the on going book project I am working on. Probs is today is kinda Friday and I'm yet to see the book. My sister (the one who answered the call is hoarding it and she doesn't like books; she normally can't sit down to read a book, she's reading and reading and reading)
Well guess the book is that impactful...imma read it when I get the chance, we will probably read it at the same time.

Well that's my week

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