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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Learning....but I'm not a learner

I love love God
I love the Holy Spirit of God so much
If you think I'm crazy to believe in a personality you don't think exists then I know you haven't experienced eternal life
Until you do, you won't understand
You won't get Him by seeking
I just know that I am better positioned than you by virtue of the fact that I know Him personally and I will never take it for granted. He's a love lovely helper, counsellor, confidante, revealer of secrets, comfort, legal advocate and more I'm yet to discover.
I hate pretenders and people who don't believe anything or can't and won't stand up for what they believe. This is the kind of person I am afraid to become. I will never become this kind of person. Living insincerity chokes me and neutralises my creativity so I literally cannot live in that position.
I love hot chilli pepper things.
Barbecue fish and chicken, chips, salad, food not eaten in a hurry.
I hate being cold. Yeah, I have been there, done that. Being cold and indifferent is being in a place where God's spirit can't touch you and its like being in Antarctica where no one can touch you, not even God's spirit. I will never ignore the holy spirit again. Can you imagine being in a place where you can have help by fellowshipping with God's spirit but choosing tradition over him. After all, you can't see him right? Maybe. But you're forgetting that this place is not your home and that God is a spirit. He's not physical. If you won't accept your shield (God) how does He protect you? Don't forget you have an enemy who's also a spirit operating on the earth. You need heavenly power to defeat him, don't be like an ordinary man who's under the control of the devil, acknowledge your father and trust Him.
I have never felt more powerful than when I have been in God's presence fellowshipping. When I have been there, I almost feel like His hand is physically on my shoulder guiding me, turning me in the direction He chooses. The most powerful person on the earth is the one who can consistently do what God says, that person would have the pleasure of acccomplishing God's will, His desire of the earth. I pray that the Holy Spirit helps me become such a person.
I hate weakness in every form. I have always hated weakness. I hate the weakness of the flesh, its prone to lying, stealing, hatred, envy, vindictiveness, slander, back biting, anger, I have expressed this a time or two too much for my spirit to be glad about it 'laugh'. I have seen it in so many others too whom I expected to be more spiritual than I. So I conclude that only God's fullness constantly can be the solution for this.
That I might be filled with the fullness of God always so that I can always manifest the fullness of God, that I would walk with the fruit of the spirit and manifest it daily. This I pray in Jesus name, amen.
I love my privacy. I would be happiest with my family and my friends only. No room for the public. That's what I believe. But we must win the world for Jesus, this is my earthly mission so that ideal cannot be.
You guessed it. I hate the public. Cos they're fickle. Even I am fickle sometimes. I am always surprised to find it in me. This is my guiding scripture for the public.
"Jesus knew what was in a man, he did not put his trust in them John 2:24-25.
At the risk of sounding immodest, I am pretty, beautiful even. I have even been called siren and mammy water a time or two and I am not a yellow girl. I am chocolate. I have a couple of yellow friends who can't go to certain churches because the pastors and members see marine spirits once they see a pretty face. Hmmm there's no end to Nigerian tradition. They see mammy water as more powerful than the blood of Jesus. They would never admit to this thinking pattern though.
As for ugly, ever heard the phrase, 'God don't like ugly?' I have. In movies. It means, God don't like sin or whatever. I don't like ugly religion.
I love gospel truth. I am for the gospel and the word of God.
I am for the cross and the covenant and the blood of Jesus. I am for the Holy Ghost and for the revelations of God's nature and attributes. I am for the Holy Spirit brooding on the waters and God speaking. I am for the christian and the church.
Someone told me yesterday, 'I don't believe in the church'. Some new believer may look at him and feel judgment. I looked at him and felt compassion. He is one of the 'lost children'.
How do I know that?
For you not to believe in the church, you must have once believed in it.
I looked him in the eye. I have a way of doing that. I looked at him and said, 'I believe in the church'.
I didn't say, I believe in the church, because I remembered the line about believing in the church from the Credo (Yes, I was raised catholic but God in His mercies still found me amidst all of the catholic tradition. That's a word for someone, no matter how much tradition you were steeped in or are steeped in, the word can pierce through and find you, the word is sharp)
I said so, because I believe the bible. I believe the Acts of the Apostles. They believed in gathering together. So if you can't go to church, go to cell fellowship, home fellowship, online fellowship. Just get the word somehow because you need the word to overcome this blinding word.
Our wrestling is not against flesh and blood. It is against principalities and powers......etc Get the word and ensure you are fighting the good fight of faith.
One of the prayer I used to pray as a fresh believer was that my water won't run dry. I am a well watered garden whose waters fail not. Meaning I will always have a. Word because of God's word. That God's Spirit would not leave me because I am recognised by God, that is why He gave me a deposit of the Holy Spirit.


"For the word of God is alive and active. sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow, it judges the thoughts and the attitudes of the heart"
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