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Friday, 21 February 2014

United Nigeria?

The final message:

Osaro Osarodion struggled and moved into position. He was searching for his travelling bag amidst all the numerous bags that had fallen all over the buses. He needed his mobile phone. He might not make it but he wanted the people at home to know what happened.

He was a youth of promise but he had seen his dreams go up his flames when his house and business got burnt down on the same night. He looked through the windows of the overturned bus thinking, 100 men couldn't lift it up. He watched as hausa youths gathered outside their windows, with jerrycans full of precious kerosene. As the youth began coming, he read connected on his mobile phone and as the tears poured down, he said:

"Mama, e die wa. E wa te s' Edo, hausa mui ma who de, e so wa, ta m' Osaze, no ya ta me Odionwe. 'Hausa gbi ma wa. E e so wa'.

The words are translated:
(Mother, I was coming home. Before I got to Edo State, the Hausas ambushed us on the way. Tell Osaze, let him tell the oldest man in the village. The Hausas have killed us. I will not reach home).

This is the kind of message that caused the Edos to take to the streets killing the Hausas who are safe in Edo State. Less is enough to cause foreign Presidents and leadership to worry. Bauchi is burning and our leaders are at ease. Nigerians await action and still wait.

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The above is a true life story but the names are fictitious.

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