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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Laying aside every weight!

There's a way to run the race of life
There's a way to operate in the kingdom
There's a way to worship unfettered by the cares of the world.
The church talks about sin endlessly
But no one talks about the weights of unforgiveness, criticisms, fear, malice, competition, offence.....
All of these things will feel the weight and the wrath of the law
These things can creep in unknowingly but sometimes you have made room for them in your heart
And unwittingly given them power over you and over YOUR VICTORIOUS CHRISTIAN LIFE
I always used to quote at one time: God wants you to live a victorious Christian life
He doesn't want you defeated or hindered
It is still truth
It is your inheritance/your harvest to live a victorious Christian life
The weights will stop you, argue all you want
Your only option is to lay them down
The moment you decide to lay them down
The Spirit of God will start working to help you pull down those layers
So you can worship unfettered and walk in authority.
Only by authority can you rule on earth
If you lose your authority, anger will rule over you
Fear will camp at your doorsteps
And everything else the unbeliever suffers
Gal 5: 22-23 ends the lists of the fruit of the Spirit with "Against such there is no law".
The fruit of the Spirit produces life.
Gal 5:19 -21 list the fruit of the flesh, the result of being under the control of the flesh and under the control of the devil, each one has a penalty under the law. Walking in the flesh allows the enemy activate the penalty of the law over your life.
This is why it is so important to walk in love. The devil CANNOT afflict you with sickness when you are walking in love. Love is a shield and a protection from the curse of the law. Christ has redeemed you from the curse of the law. Stay in His love. Lay aside those weights, nothing is worth your right to divine life. Nothing can stop you when you are walking in love.
I commit to walking in love and being led by the spirit. I decree that there is no room for the fruit of the flesh in my heart. All I have room for is the fruit of the spirit. Glory, Halleluyah.
I had an awesome retreat by the way. Its time to take action and put the things I have learned and received to work. Glory to God.

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