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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Onyema Edewo, 33, Festac Town, Killed by police....your part! #Best #For #Last

They say he was killed
He drove down to Festac with no incident
He survived the city
The robbers didn't get him
He was almost home and then he got his
It was an unlikely suspect
The police killed him.
They can't even say why
Its kind of sad.
Because it is a stone's throw from my house
Festac, I mean
I was even meant to pass that place around 9.15pm
But this isn't about me
It is about someone I don't know
A Nigerian
That's not it.
The issue is that people expect that to happen
They even place their faith in it
They say it happened around 11pm
Who? You may wonder
The newspapers and blogs and everyone else
Everyone's is eager to write and publish it, or read it
No one wants to be an agent of change
Innocent young men,
Their car broke down
They were towing it back to Festac
(In Nigeria, I think you're guilty until proven innocent cos you'll see the tow truck driver ran away to, only God knows where).
The driver of the tow truck recognised their intent and ran away (the policemen's intention)
They left Oyema and his friends to face the music (the police)
Doesn't this seem familiar?
It's something that can happen to anyone
You, me, your parents, or cousin
It has even happened to me and some friends
It made the news, the headlines
Sad thing is, I'm numb.
I read it but didn't feel much
Should I? Shouldn't I?
It's probably the response a bunch of others may have
Like most Nigerians, I'm afraid there might not be any justice
But I have to keep pressing!
Will there? Be justice, I mean.
I have to believe there will be justice
I pray the light bearers in this nation will stand
I pray that those who have callings for public offices will stand
Your calling is not just in the church
Our world needs 'Daniels' and 'Josephs'
We need people who are not afraid of the fire
We need people who are not scared of the consequences of saying 'no' to potiphar's wife
People who know that after the pit and the prison, there's a position that's never being created
The position of prime minister
Until then, the world is yearning
It's breathing, anticipating, waiting for you and I to become what/who God has said.
"God's agenda is men" - Dominion Mandate
God always sends a man
He sent you
You must recognise your worth and value
You must recognise your purpose
Your part/path
Only then will there be justice on the earth
I won't forget to say #BringBackOurGirls.
We want our girls back now
And lastly,
Like believers of my time
I believe things will/can only get better
It can only get better, BeTtEr, BETTER
This is what I believe!

Tessa Doghor

She is one of the leading Social Media Managers in Nigeria with the ability to foresee trends and build on it before it becomes commonplace. She is intelligent and strategic. She is also an amazing writer. To get in touch mail her at

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