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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Oyema Odewor, 33, killed at Festac 3rd Gate...

Its kind of sad.
Because it is a stone's throw from my house
I was even meant to pass that place around 9.15pm

That's not it
The incident happened around 11pm
Innocent young men
Their car broke down
They were towing it back to Festac
The driver of the tow truck recognised their intent and ran away
They left Oyema and his friends to face the music

Doesn't this seem familiar?
It's something that can happen to anyone
Sad thing is, I'm numb.
Like most Nigerians, I'm afraid there might not be any justice
But I have to keep pressing!
Will there?

If we must, we must demand for it, just like the #ChibokGirls
234 of them. Or is it 276?
I won't forget to say #BringBackOurGirl
And lastly
Like believers of my time
I believe things will/can only get better

It can only get better, BeTtEr, BETTER

Tessa Doghor

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