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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? - Bryan Adams

I had this idea to blog about 50 songs. I think it's too much. I also don't want to finish all my blogging idea's because it will probably help me blog more often.

I also know that a lot of you will visit the site just because of Bryan Adams, He is an amazing singer and in another life when I took pleasure in singing all kinds of music, it was one of my best songs.

My siblings and I grew up with music: Carpenters, Kenny Rogers.

I used to create a video for every song I loved and regale my family with my performances and they were always amused. I was an amusing 7 year old. So I kind of grew up loving music. Can you blame me? My mom listened to a lot of Abba when she was pregnant with each of us.

Nowadays we have come under Jesus Christ and so we listen to worship music and messages, believe me; your babies are listening. I am not a mom yet; I speak of my sisters. I of course listen to worship and gospel music so maybe the ova are listening, lol!

Have you ever really loved a woman - By Bryan Adams

I used to listen to this music and wonder what love was. The wandering seems more romantic. I have discovered though what true love is. You gotta have God first before you can discern what true love is. Having God comes with surrendering to Jesus and that is a journey. If you would love to begin that journey. Click this link: Finding Grace.

What If God Was One Of Us? - Joan Osborne

I am a very intelligent girl. I haven't heard this song but I have watched the movie 'Diary Of a Mad Black Woman'. If you haven't watched it, you are on a long thing. It is a movie by Tyler Perry. It is a story that lets you hope that even women whose husbands have abused them can still find love. The religious will not let this fly. Albeit, the movie is one of my favorites. After her husband had divorced her, she was dating this man who showed her that a man doesn't have to beat a woman to show he loves her (Yoruba girls, you hear?). He was a cool, loving brother who was living by the word even though he wasn't perfect also.

Great movie!

Tomorrow I will talk about other songs I know and talk about them tomorrow on a blog post.

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Okay I have always been a social media manager. Only for about 6 years. I used to do it for fun & ministry and I did it really well. So much that I got noticed by my Facebook friends, my non-virtual friends and my family.

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