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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Traffic or Go slow or hold up

She stared at the blinking lights that characterised Lagos.

The Generation Y called it 'Las gidi' for a very good reason.
It was imperfect in many ways but home to some 19 million people.

The part of its imperfections that cause a love-hate relationship was the old enemy of the working class, it was the concept locally known as 'go slow' and 'hold up' by the elders.

The youths psychedelically inclined youth called it. 'Traffic'.
She prized herself as one of the few alpha (lol) Nigerians who didn't use archaic English. It wasn't a fallacy; she was quite skilled in crafting words together

On this faithful day, it was quite late that all the roads were relatively free as expected. All except one.

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The traffic in Mile 2 wears wrapper.

Mile 2

Made popular by robbers
who stole in traffic in the mornings and at night
Of course they had day jobs
A cover for the ignoble activities that went on at night
Some would know them BUT
few would have the courage to call them out
So they would not forfeit their lives

The police of course were off course, too busy
They were attending to other matters.
Egunje matters

Mile 2 had proved itself notorious again. You could speed through anywhere else but mile 2, it would force you to stay an extra hour on its roads even when you passed all the 'koros' (known to man and me of course) on the road; even to the risk of sinking in muddy pedestrian roads.
The bus drivers with their rickety buses passing nook and crannies hoping to avoid the traffic. The longer you stayed in traffic; the longer you lost your decorum. It lasted till all you wanted to do was get home and get some sleep

Lagos and its hustle
Many complained about it
But found that after a couple of years
They couldn't live anywhere else again

"Too slow" they complained (about the other states)

All true
Las gidi
Land of promise
Land of traffic too

Traffic is a female dog

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