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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

George Clooney is getting married to..

George Clooney is getting married to a lebanese lady.

The gossip rags came out with a story that her mom was not in support of the marriage. They did so for the publicity value. The story can be read here

Who did this please?

You would be shocked to know that I was pleased because the article confirmed what I already know that the superstars, actors, actresses, musicians control their dirt all by themselves.

Some even create their own dirt (I am looking down with a big microscope at Wande Coal and all the times he has appeared naked. I am also looking at Mocheddah and L.D. 'Okpolo' eye even though I don't have okpolo eye').

Why am I pleased?

Twitter has taken the place of the newspapers all without trying. How do I know? If a bomb happens in Yobe or Abuja or wherever, I hear on twitter first. That Sudanese woman who was going to be killed, I heard on twitter that she got freed, I am waiting to hear that she has relocated to the Americas with her husband and two sons.

Why am I pleased?

I am a social media manager, that means more business for me. Smart advertisers won't go to the newspapers as often as they used to. They would come to social media: Facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, blogs and they will be needing social media managers for years to come.

If you are interested in being trained, holla me at I will teach you a few things and then I believe if you are creative enough, you will follow your nose.

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Tomorrow I am taking a cue from and I am blogging about yummy food. I still have just one pic of the food but if you see it, you will place an order immediately. Working class peeps, she makes house calls also. Let's wait till tomorrow then.
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